The Spetember 11th, 1999 terror attacks were a devastating series of events brutalizing the fragile and delicate New York City and American psyche. Over 300,000 people died in the attacks. A moment of wiki silence.

Stop giggling, Billy. Show some goddamned respect.

The attacks were undertaken by a coalition (or 'Axis') of intersecting alternate dimensions. Though they initially occured in 1999, the timequaking nature of the extradimensional attacks would take exactly two years to wreak their sudden and horrifying physical damage on the world. In that time, the United States government covered up the supernatural nature of the inevitable event with another, more believable one, which explains why the public events around 9/11 seem so staged, why there would be so many conflicting stories, and why people would choose t believe such a laughably obvious conspiracy. Other inconsistencies in the 9/11 truther view that would seem to deny known facts, testimony, or even physical laws can be handwaved away due to the quantum nature of the event.


The event would have nominally been stopped by a powerful and infallible secret agent, except for the fact that nobody on Earth knew what was going to happen, what the motives of the attackers were, who the attackers were, where they were from or even the nature of extra dimensions. Furthermore, what few humans did know only used the attacks to further their cause, either allowing them to happen or actively conspiring in their causation.


It all go backs thousands of years. Back before the Hyborean Age, in a world where MAGIC reigned instead of science, ancient sorcerers and their mystical guild had immense power and political influence among the many factions, some of whom were allied, some of whom were at war. It was at this time that a young ancient sorcerer, Korr-E-Gath Fubar, was alchemizing the final runes for his latest conjuration spell cast. The Dimension Door Rip. He would be the first human to independently discover such a mighty force, indeed thousands of years after the Dragons had loosed their grip from the face of the Earth, and mere whisper away with the sands of time. Korr-E-Gath knew that the Magic Council of Magic Users would frown on such a reality-bending type cast of spellbinding, but was also a noble and wise wizard with a true purpose unlike any other; he wanted Chandon and dem bitches. And so, on his noble but forbidden quest, Korr-E-Gath enlisted the help of many a brave and stealthy warrior, Gradose the Skyward-Tall, for he was very tall, Hrothbern the Quick, for he was deadly with a sword, Ping-T'k the Sneak, a rogueish thief whose wit was as quick as his blade, and the silent Aerandir, an elvish archer with a watchful eye of the forest, and a haunting secret. Together they travled the known globe (basically just Europe and Western Asia) tracking down the ingredients and rune secrets in dungeons and treasure chests the Overworld over! Many deadly battles they did have, where none of them died. Many a harship did they face, but in the end they were fine and would later all make it back home and settle down with wives or partners and had kids or adopted dogs or whatever. But for now they had to train and learn to work as a team and not a mix-matched batch of misfits! They had a lot to learn. So finally, after dozens of days, Korr-E-Gath was prepared. A final appeal from the weak and stupid wizard council of magic dudes sent by a pathetic and inconsequential messenger arrived for Korr-E-Gath. He decried the louse with an echoing 'BAH' and with a single shove, knocked the youthful waif down the stairs to his wretched demise. For Korr-E-Gath had bigger plans. He would show those idiots. He would show them for not approving of his plan. His crazy plan. He would show the WHOLE WORLD! Even though the world did not know about it. He would show the WORLD for not knowing about his plan!! And thus, he fired the staffs of brimstone, and chalked the elementals of gemstones into the carvings of old, and lit the candles of eternity, and activated the particle accelerator, and read the forbidded rune words as smoke into the air. It was then that he oped wide the door, and the abominable tentacle of an Elder God pushed forth into our realm, as he had just been leaning against that particular spatial direction of dimensionality when it opened, and our unfamiliar gravity lurched the monstrous mass free of the coils of IT'S VERY OWN LAWS OF PHYSICS!! Panicking, and suddenly realizing there was no way that he could utilize this ability as currency for Chandon and dem bitches, Korr-E-Gath attempted to reverse the Quickening, a process known as the Reversening, but it was too late. The omnipotent beast, its maw gaping, felt the fresh breath of Earth oxygen for the first time in millenia. It was like acid to the creature, and it's painful howl ripped open the clouds over the entire city of wizards, and sonically flayed the skin back from Korr-E-Gath's face. Furious, and single-minded in its omniscience, the cruel Elder God turned upon our physical realm, and using Korr-E-Gath's pried-open skull as a foothold, hooked its sucking feelers through the many cosmic cracks throughout the universe, holding on like the dickens, and proceeded to spell our doom. As it scried the end of all days, the wizards throughout the city crushed their ears in horrid torture, ripping or magicking out their ear drums, lest the monster crumble their brains the way it was with their edifices and orifices. They garnered their spirit powers, and launched a coordinated attack. Alas, the stupid Ancient God of All Knowledge and Wisdom did not stutter in its recitation of final revelation. More powerful assaults were attempted, but failed to leave a scratch. And with the beast's footholds ripping further dimension doors into further dimensions, the sage mages knew they needed to work smarter, not harder. They studied the extradimensional spells, secret scrolls, and taboo tableaus of the fallen dabblers in demonic arts before them. They devised a pragmatic strategy of tactical infiltration, wherein the most powerful wizards among them would enter each opened portal, sloppily cutting the tentacle meats from the other side where they were more vulnerable at their underbellytentacle, and close the rips for good, repairing the broken threads of the fabric of the tapestry of the reality of spacetime. In essence, they were sacrificing their essences to the many Gods, now gathering around from each worldline to see what all the commotion was about. Had little Ch't-zz'tzl'tk fallen in again? Sensing that we would become quick prey if we did not act fast, humanity decided to act fast. The plan put in motion, seconds left on the clock, no higher stakes, the final moves, and he's, and they, but then that guy, and it was close, it's stuck on the rim, it's tipping, nobody breathes, hey what did I miss I was in the bathroom, but in the end, they did. Our universe was saved, and only at the cost of so many magic-users, which would be one of the 438 catastrophes that led to the end of the Age of Magic use. But we were safe. For now. *ernmuh For then. For just then, the rulers of the many realms had seen each other, and knew the truth of extradimensional travel. Some of them had even lost sons and generals in the battle (that I kind of skimmed over earlier). They wanted revenge. Or something, I don't know, it's hard to understand the motives of beings who evolved under entirely different systems of chemistry and physics. That's fair, right? But they waited, and drew their nefarious plans, until Earth would slip up again... heh heh heh...

This sets the stage... for 9/11.

The Truth About 9/11Edit

In recent centuries, all the Awesomes with superpowers started rediscovering ways to rip through spacetime, making quick swiss cheese of our dimension, and preparing us for the attack that was to come.


The steady infiltration of Terrestrial surface human society has been a long undertaking by many extraterrestrial and extra dimensional interlopers spanning most of human history. Nearly every Empire from Atlantis to Zargon-9 have sleeper agents in every town in the world, making one wonder how much of the human population... is really human. This is discussed elsewhere on this wiki, but suffice it to say that many if not all of the involved attackers already had their spies, soldiers, agents and shapeshifting politicians in place for any reasonably easy opportunity. For those holes that appeared from adventurers and do-gooders would also often be gaurded and/or closed up by said adventuring do-gooders, it still served to show at what level the Earthicans were priming themselves for these concepts, and further antagonized our dimensional enemies. When the lazy humans took thousands of more years than necessary to focus on the scientific development required to have readily available interdimensional travel, a certain evil federation of evil fiends decided to invent one.


The group of assorted alien beings and monster men knew that the governments of the world would cover up an major revelation towards their people by such a cosmic threat, while at the same time focusing all their bloated black budgets and substantial efforts on creating an arms and defense capability to wield against such a hi-tech, assorted group of foes. This arms "race" is exactly what the far-flung villains wanted, to create a perpetual system of weapons manufacturing and distributing. Essentially they were to be the Earth people's worst enemy and best suppliers at the same time.

Discovery by Earth ScientistsEdit

The Government Cover-UpEdit

Al-Qaeda co-operationEdit

The Wars to War all WarsEdit

Defeat of the Extradimensional Losers (who suck balls for pay)Edit

The Phantom MenaceEdit

The AxisEdit

Not all of the dimensions were parallel, some went so far as to be perpindicular, others a a variety of angle, all intersecting at a single point: Their hatred for Earth.

  • Shadow peeples
  • Dormammu
  • dimension of the bearded evil duplicates
  • Evil Walternate
  • Elder Gods
  • Strange Gods
  • white noise static goasts
  • Reptilians, who had already had a long-standing unpleasantness with Earth

Of course, in theory the invaders wanted to destroy our entire universe, over 46 billion light years and growing, but ultimately these things always seem to inexplicably hinge on Earth.


*You guys! You should know that nothing above is true about 9111111(as we pros call it, since it happened a 11:11am). You should also knoew that the Revengerists are schills; but for Big Pharma or the Iron Cross Army, but definitely part of the major players in the Whole Shebang! I happened to go on this wiki today and saw the number of pages... 9-1-1. And the time that I wrote this? 8:05, but after this it will be 9:11 and I'll note that. What is especially synchronous (nothing coincidental, since coincidences are a plot from the leftover Mussolini supporters to encourage a belief in coincidences for unknown purposes) IS THAT TODAY... I HAD BEEN ESPECIALLY THINKING ABOUT 911COSPIRACY!. I think about that tragey every day and even today and I see this and it say 911 and I know today was special occurence of 911 rumations. UNique, and somehow the Revenghersts knew of it. OR CAUSED IT. Don;t believe a Revenger... they probably do 911s.

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