Abe Vigoda and Bruce Vilanch circa 1987.

A cursed beingof woah roams across the landsection of your page here.  He can wanders through the world on his way to no where with that undoubtable, strudy, & true look of happiness in his ol' gossy cow eyes just knowin', that another butterscotch is hidding behind the next tree.

prof.[edit | edit source]

The most uper duper o'historical data has a Abraham Vigoda  enlisted af a Union Soldier in the 77th New York Infantry Divischon. He survived the Campaign of Chancellorsville. They say he just put down his gun and walked away when he saw a lone tree. 

He has been around for a muchalong time. He's been seen







fields, hillsides, and even jungles. Some people mistake him

for Bigfoot. This is NON TRUE. 

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