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Just whan you thaout at was all complately fine adn shit then comes along this gys. Jeezes talk abut MOIST POWERFLU CARAHCTER


Ones of those guyes in highschil was mean and Bobby jons was lile "I don't alikle iot." So he wenat to the higschol gym aand got realy pumped and jacked adn ated allolt fo penaut batter sandwichs. Thean he pat on a lto of lather and makeup and became Adobodo the Crimefaighter. 

Powers Getting[]

He was super co9l and stufe but it was it enugh. Heaw asbeaten by the shol.d bully. Thean an ddemon said "YI CWILL GIVE POWER TO YOU"

Then Adoboeet procedy to kill EVERYONE.

Powers Abilteys[]

Abodobo can be real string. Abel to luftg ten dirt with bqare hands.

He has deomn pwoer

Can open any beans