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The Alien Cat Queen is the Queen of Cat People From Space. Like most aliens, she is very promiscuous and has many concurrent affairs with beings across the cosmos, even the dirty hominids of Earth. Unlike other aliens, however, she is an ethical slut who lets everyone know up front just what her deal is, doesn't lead anyone on or lie to them about her multitude of other relationships. She is into plenty of kinky sexual exploits, because of course she is. She's an Alien, she's part Cat, and she's a Royal Figure. Do the math, idiot.

UK Politician Simon Parkes alleges he is one of the Queen's many Earthly consorts, though this is unlikely due to his total nincompoopery. Many powerful heads of state have temporarily given themselves over as the Alien Cat Queen's sexually-proficient love slaves, but Simon Parkes is not powerful, nor is he sexually proficient. His claims to have fathered a child with the Alien Cat Queen are highly dubious as well, since she is known to always use Intergalactic Prophylactic! Alien Cat Queen ain't got time for that! In fact, his public assertions only damage her credibility or even put her in danger with unstable xenophobes and xenomorphs alike.

Rumored powerful figures to have had wild weekend flings with the Alien Cat Queen include Prophet Yahweh, Dr Tasty and President Barack Hussein Obama.