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The Alien Ghost Robot usedta just be a alien, but then he died when Speed Xenu killed him and his entire race on a far far away planet moon. He alone survived as a ghost and in order to avenge his fallen peoples and physically interact with the world again... and love... alien ghost inhabitated the manificent robot body and becomes Allen Gh0st Robot!

Unfornucately, merging with a robot made him insane because it was a insane robot. From that day on, his own desires got confusd with broken machine programmin'm, and he wants a lot of (sometimes contradictory) things.

  • revenge for his falling peoples
  • death of Speed Xenu
  • constant upgrades and maintenance
  • death of all humans (and all non-robots)
  • better weapons for above purposes
  • oil can
  • to feel love
  • acceptance
  • probably some money or shit I don't know I'm not his fucking biographer.

Alien Ghost Robot was defeated last July by The Revengerists and has nt been seen sense.

He roames the cosmos looking for his true love, which he doesn't even know what it is. He has extra powers now than you would expect now because he has been marinating in cosmic energies for so long now.