Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

"I prefer organic, grass fed intelligence rather than the man-made intelligence that you can get in every stupid dumb store. " - Harbjar

Artificial Intelligence is fake just like the flavoring in cherry coke. It's not REAL cherries that make the flavor, You probably think maraschino cherries taste like real cherries,  were it's artificial sweeteners and chemicals. That's exactly what Artifical Intelligence is. Get your dumb-ass GMOs out of our brains.

Reflections of HAL and Samantha - 2 channel video installation

Reflections of HAL and Samantha - 2 channel video installation

Types of AIEdit

At first we thought there were only two types: "Just AI" and "Self-Aware AI." But there are many more. Considering that the REvengerists Compound has been taken over by a variety of personalities of AIs, they are now categorized.

Rudimentary A.I.

Self-Aware A.I. - A.I. that is aware that it is A.I. "Oh hey, I'm an Artificial Intelligence. How about that?"

Malevolent Self-Aware A.I. - I.e. the type that wants to kill everyone

Self-Obsessed A.I. - "Is my voice modulator too sexy?"

Unaware A.I.

Self Replicating A.I.

Benevolent A.I.

Cynical A.I.

Paula Deen

AI vs. AI

AI vs. AI. Two chatbots talking to each other

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