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using her hypno ray eyes

Ayn Rand was an old hypocrite who said government programs were evil and the people who used them were moochers but then she used the government programs and told everyone that made her smart, and also that being evil wasn't all that bad. She also used to scare puppies to death and then not clean up the mess she left on her neighbor's lawns which we are all still really mad at. I mean sure her overwrought and overrated 'writings' poisoned generations of minds into loathing compassion for their fellow man, and the very concepts of collaboration or community. But I'm really more upset about all the dead puppies on my lawn over those years. Also, a few times she didn't fully kill the puppies, just slit their throats and left them there, every breath gushing a fresh bubbling pool of pain and blood. We knew it was definitely her because she was watching us from behind a small dogwood tree. Our dad took it inside and tried to keep it warm and safe while it died. He told us he 'did everything' but really what the fuck was he going to do, so when we all got older we pretty much knew what had happened and that it was inevitable. It really fucked with our heads for years, just thinking of Ayn Rand, standing there placidly smoking a cigarette as this very tiny pinkish newborn puppy died. We don't even know where she kept getting them. My friend asked if she was like turning them into a coat or something and I had to respond truthfully 'probably not because she isn't nearly as stylish a Villain as Cruella was.

Her stories were about author-insert Johnny Protagonist, who defeats the "Great Evil of Helpfulness" by embracing the Virtue of Selfishness (itself one of the Virtues of Evil). These are referred to as 'Randian heroes' by the author in her own books. Despite the heroes being obvious author-inserts, she will also put her own persona in the books in hackneyed and predictable manner. Her philosophy, which she referred to as 'Objective' despite being highly biased about it, essentially lionizes the wealthy 1% as faultless godkings that deserve all-power and sexual favors. The rest of humanity are wretched curs deserving of brutality. She blames most of society's ills on Kindness, Goodness, and the Jews.

She is responsible for starting the Rand Institute, Rand Corporation, and is the namesake of Rand Paul Rand.