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Babushka ladies are a type of Russian that is Awesome. This is a redundant sentence, since all types of Russians are Awesomes. Whether they are Czarist, Bolshevik, Leninist, Trotskyite, Stalinist, Putinist, filmmaker, novelist or Jew, the Russians going back to ancient times are a deep resource of all things Awesome. They are all born with Old Man Strength, and facial hair which denotes their level of power. Even their stray dogs are Awesome.

But as with many old people who turn out to be Awesome and not just lame and shitty, Babushka Ladies are even more Awesome (double-plus good) precisely because it is so unexpected.

via io9:

Russian grandmother Aishat Maksudova was tending to her livestock when a wolf attacked her village of Novo Biryuzyak, Dagestan. So she cooly axed it in the head.

Metro UK has the full story, including an excellent video of Maksudova describing and pantomiming her valiant struggle with the wolf, but her descriptions of the encounter paint a pretty good picture of the scene, and how unfazed she was by the whole thing:

"[I was] not even frightened. With an open mouth, the wolf suddenly jumped on me. [It] clawed into my leg and when I raised my arm up the wolf was just holding my hand; trying to claw my hand."

Maksudova reportedly "wanted to throttle the wolf to death" but was forced to rely on her trusty axe (Maksudova is pictured below, axe in hand) when she was unable to free her hand from the wolf's vice-like jaws.

'"So I just left my hand, and the wolf was just clawing into it, pulling on it, pulling away like this," she explained. "And then I took the axe and hit him on the head."

We repeat: do not cross Aishat Maksudova.

Along with Lliam Neeson, hunters, and the Lannisters, natural enemies of wolves.