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Not an accurate depiction of the balloon Lord and Savior

Not to be confused with the Balloonien Aliens

The Balloon Messiah was a sentient red balloon (as actually are all balloons) who decided to reveal himself and befriend a small, uptight snot-nosed French boy. After being persecuted by most humans, young and old, for being different and preaching balloon supremacy over humans, he was finally felled by a jealous group of ruffians with slingshots, since they could not possess its power for themselves.

As the red balloon (Lord Ballon Rouge) dies in the boy's arms, all the other balloons of Paris (and eventually... the world) poured forth to raise up the little French boy. Despite his loyalty and love for the Balloon Messiah, the boy was the first human to be killed in what would soon be known as the First Balloon Human War. These series of wars would be continued through the latter half of the 20th Century and arise as acts of terrorism, espionage and subterfuge thoughout the Western world for much of the 21st Century.


The Red Balloon - 1956


Don Hertzfeldt - Billy's Balloon

Many religious wars have been fought in his name ever since.

These conflicts did not last long each, because let's face it, balloons are easy to kill. Many helpless children died, however, resulting in the UN labeling this terrorist group a 'mild nuisance.'

Humans mock the Balloon Savior with the same crown of balloons that he was forced to wear