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The Bananamen are a race of banana-headed humanoids of unknown origin who wear a lot of yellow, sometimes pajamas, and are often considered quite appealing. Their families are usually referred to as 'bunches' (not unlike human families like the Brady Bunch) and their innards are valued as a delicacy by poachers and banana-devouring monsters like humans and apemen.

Their greatest fear is to be split open, eaten, their skin gruesomely discarded and then slipped upon by another hapless Bananaman.

Their motives are as mysterious as their beginnings and their culture. They communicate via banana phone, they sleep in banana hammocks, wear banana hammocks, and they enjoy the music of Bananarama.

This is a recreation of a secret banana party. Note that these are not real bananamen, but humans dressed in offensive 'bananaface'

Some Bananamen aspire to go into space; It is unclear whether this is because they originate from there, or want to escape a cruel world that oppresses them, or merely because Bananamen dream...