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What is it? is it a bird? A plane? A frog? A goat? A sheep? A whool? A sock? A soap? A Banana? No, it's Barnaag...NO! No, NO! Never no no no no! Barangaman? Yes...wait-no! Uh, yeah. Yes. Yep. Yes si-NO! Wait, no. No. Yeah.

Ifin you like bein saved he's your man, he'll explode like an orangutan. Get up get up, he's put the bomb down and now you need to leave town...what am I saying? I don't know. You don't either, shut up. SHUT UP. DAMN IT! 


What's your problem anyway? Haven't had enough cheese stuck up your butt? Baranaman can save you. he can do a thing too. Watch as he blasts foes from the sky with his patented sky guy blaster. He can break a law six times and not get caught, but the seventh time he won't be so lucky. The police know about him and are attempting to aprehend him without much success. Look, if you have seen this douchebag flying around you should tell someone, because that's not good. You might have something wrong with you, like you're crazy. You're not CRAZY are you? I hope not. That would be bad. You would look pretty fucking stupid.

Shaved Dicks[]

One day someone will need help and everyone will be TOO busy with their nintendos and fruit smoothies and incremental fitness programs to do a f ucking thing about it. Does it look like all of the world's heroes have free time to just go around and do stuff about things? No! They're busy and it's up to the common citizen to have the brass fucking balls to strike at bads. Wait, brass isn't a very strong metal. Why don't people try implanting their testicles with steel or titanium alloys or some space shit.