Bibulos Bibulos is currently a deceased Revengerists' Universe villain, defeated 5 years ago by some kid with a gun. Bibulos started out his career as a villain early on in his life, born in the DARK dimension he had the ability to warp from the DARK dimension to our Reality. Unlike other creatures from DARK he used this warp ability to his advantage and constantly warped to avoid taking damage and to get the jump on any unwitting foe. Upon mastering this ability he became one of the most dangerous and powerful Villains in the REvengerists' Universe, able to take on just about anyone short of those who could just snap him out of any reality he was in, like Breshvic Penisilin or Harbjar . He went on a spree of villainy up until he developed a new ability. This new ability was perfected when he learned to warp in and out of real space so fast that he developed a presence in our reality and in DARK at the same time. If he had done it right he would have been immune to physical harm, but he fucked up and was accessible in any dimension meaning he could get beaten up by two different dimension people at the same time. Eventually he had to resort to petty crimes like stealing from liquor stores and knocking over old ladies. He was trying to steal weed from some kid in a bad neighborhood and ended up getting shot. He died shortly thereafter.

Notable Appearances:

- Karsher Campaign - He backstabbed Odd Jog during the Revengerist counterattack

- War of Galactar

- SPecial Olympics 1992

- Power Jog Competition for Cancer Awareness 1998

- Hippo Cafe photo wall (He's shown enjoying a decaf soy latte with a little bit of vanilla syrup along with 2 of his close friends)

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