"bringin' down skyscrapers with megaton widowmakerstransformin' into six modes, can feel it in my diodes"

Bob Sequious! is a protocol robot whom helps the Revengerists dispel lame nerds with tame-ass karate from the premises of Revengerist Compound. He has a snotty robotonic demeanor, finding things that you think are hip to be so over.

Bob uses an 8-bit MOS Technology 6510 microprocessor, (a close derivative but superior of the 6502, with an added 6-bit internal I/O port for added operation of datasette tape recorder), 64 kilobytes of RAM, the VIC-II, SID sound chip in three channels each with its own ADSR envelope generator with several different waveform, ring modulation, and filter capabilities, RF shielding doubling as heatsink, core laser, battle rockets, turbines to speed, and an update patch so that he feels the 'inferior' human emotions of humour, empathy, compassion and love. he teaches many classes in Robotics, Backwards Engineering, Irony, Game Design, and Pop Culture Studies at Arizona State. (from his MySpace page, which has been suspiciously obliterated from the face of internet by Shadow Peeples)

He may have been created by evil Martians to work as a sleeper agent once activated on Earth, but upon landing in the American Southwest desert, forgot those objectives (or found them boring) and instead got himself an easy Technical degree paying his way by using his inborn robot skills of breakdancing and fight clubbing.

After adventurtraveling the world and earning honorary degrees of all types of falootin' Bob Sequious! found a blaring hole in the Revengerist defenses in keeping lame fanboys and wannabes out with his cutting sarcasm rays. He also benefits their living space of the Revengerist Compound with mix jams and pop-culture referencing artwork.

For a time before joining the Revengerists' crew, he was a double-naught secret agent spy known as "Bob Sequious: Debutante; Action Star; In-Between Jobs." He had a talking robot car friend that sounded like Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World (as in "you've got detention, Mr. Sequious! and I don't think you'll be toilet papering the school again for some time!") and would foil megalomaniacal supervillains such as Mike Eisner. He would drink an awful lot of energy drinks and hang out in the indy section of the comic book shop and subscribed to Cineflex magazine. He ended every battle with a worm's-eye-view of him flying over the scene in his car, and has a black friend who can fly a helicopter and/or was in special ops. Except that that never happened. You just thought of all that just now.

He has many robot friends (all other robots) via wi-fi so that once triggered by SpaceWeb, will fight in the Great Robot War of the Future.

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