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"Brainss... BRAINSZ!!!" -brain enthusiasts


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Your brain is usually your friend, and it sort of is you, but also it isn't all of you, and it definitely talks to you, and it might be much much more, and quite often in your everyday life, it is out to get you.


Selective attention test

Many brains have become brainsick and become susceptible to brain washing by the dastardly brain police, whoever they are

Your brain is a spongy flesh of organic meat and juice, grey and pulpy red with bloodflow, pulsing with the electrochemical energies that comprise every single sum part of yourself that you consider a person. Yum!

It also has secrets untold, and there are some percents of your brain that you won't ever be able to access, maybe as much as 100%, unless you train and work hard every day. Also practice Critical thinking and reject being a bigot.

Manufacturers recommend only limited user customization or modding options. If your brain is damaged or otherwise tampered with in a dangerous and unprofessional manner, serious permanent injury can occur and your story will become one people talk about like Phineas Gage who was pretty much only remembered for having an iron rod through his brain and eye and surviving or also that one guy they interviewed on NPR who got hit on the head by a coconut and when he woke up he thought he was a chicken

Certain brain-altering drugs are available for a wetware update at varied intervals, although technically all experiences, learning, and stimuli alter your brain at all times, which means life itself is a drug if you really think about it man. You've seen babies, those mfuckers look like they're high all the time. Once you get older you have to do some more 'extreme living' in order to get a hit.

Some people will only want to engage in sexual relations based on the measurable size of your brain and neurocranium, they are called sapiosexuals and they are some sick fucks. Size does not matter, Malik, just ask the majestic tyrannosaurus rex! Phrenology has been debunked, Malik.

Brains are considered a delicacy in many cultures such as uh zombies