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Bricksplosive The Revengerists "good moments to walk really cool" expert. This doesn't mean anything because only Bricksplosive walks really cool. Bricksplosive also talks in 3rd person constantly. Bricksplosive joined the team when they were having trouble figuring out the best way to walk really cool after shooting a nitrogen tank filled with lava.

Bricksplosive wasn't always like this you know? Bricksplosive used to be an a uto mechanic, Bricksplosive spent all day making fun of car parts. Bricksplosive blew up the oil refinery next to the shop and was exiled from his hometown for days.


Bricksplosive doesn't need to talk about his powers, he's a cool guy and there ain't nuthin' you can do to stop that, motherfucker.

Bricksplosive has powers, he uses them to fight bad guys like a powerful dude should. He can walk really cool from an explosion or gambling casino. He can flick a cigarrette really far and light oil refineries on fire and get exiled from his home town. Bricksplosive wears cool shades and has a consant 3 o lcolcoks shadow. he has short spikey hair and gets all the laideys.

Bricksplovies uses the Nitro Boost Gauntlets that allow him to look really fcool when punching things. He has a belt that allows him to use any tool he wants, he can repair cars. He can drive any tank. He can do anything he sets his mind to.

Bricksplosive once threw a penny off of the enpire state building and killed a dude.