How to KNOIW Whether Your Page is a CanonEdit

In th Reevengerests comics universe/Omniverse, it is easy to bexome comfused about what is really cannon and what is just made up, especially on a wiki made by a lot of people who all like to talk about stuff and sometimes get too escited! SO heare is a page that can help you figure out what is canonical and what is now

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First of all, you need to know the differene between what is canon and what is fake. You can tell by aexamining tyhe canonicalitude of any given article - look for flaws in the canonicity and whether or not there ar eglaring canonnote issues problems. Canoniocity is a lot like canonecclesiality, but should not be confused with canonaclisticality. That would be more like canonadality, which shouldn't be used when trying to look into an article's canoneal. Remembre, canoneal is like M.E.A.L. - you should only discuss it for matters of things when you are dealing with the five stages of canonisticalism. Canonecclesialateness is a lot different from this, which is what we were just talking about. Don;'t bring up canasticity during thesematters. This is the kind of canonure that has just enough specificicicity to help you point out continuality errors that could make it clear that the article is not dealing with a canornate event/place/character/thing.

So as said, canonalism. There are three easy variables to consider when working with this concept, as it can be a little bit thick sometimes: canoidalitude, canalt, and canonix ex post-faous. Canoncloidal artiocles will have a generouse amount of canonocalyptic references to real things in comics which did happen, while stfuf without will generally not have enough verifiable canoneriskalismicalitude. Remember the three C's of canoalic: cantoon, carnicalon, and caernobog.

This should help clear up any confuision.

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