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Otherwise known as Great Sackimal Tamer Cash Mustard, is an aspiring Sackimal Champion. He has gone on many journey and catched many Sackimals


At the young age of 10, Cash's life as a great Sackimal Tamer began when his mother kicked him out of the house and told him not to come back until he made something of himself and stopped being a lazy piece of garbage. Leaving his hometown with his beginner Sackimal, Cumer, he set off to catch sackimals and battle others. 

Since then, Cash Mustard has learned many valuable lessons and became a formidable Sackimal Battler. Notably catching a powerful Manbone

Cash's Cumer[]

Cash Mustard's Cumer is a very powerful version of a normal Cumer. It has fought many opponents it should not have beaten and came on top.