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Selena Karl was an ordinary citizen who lead a life of petty crime, until one day she gained the means to be a real burglar. She donned the C.A.T. suit and became CAT Woman. After her encounters with B.A.T. Man did she realign to fight for good.

Cat Woman[]

Cat Woman is a super hero who specializes in the operation of the C.A.T. Suit or better known as C.A.T. (Colossal Amphibious Terrain) Armor Tank class Power Armor, a set of powered armor that can fire artillery and crush fortifications with melee weapons. This suit assisted in her serial-burglary until she realized her potential to fight for good. 

C.A.T. Suit[]

A former military power armor used for artillery strikes and breach of fortifications. It comes equipped with the W.H.I.P. Missile Launcher (Weaponized Hell Inferno Projectile) that can sent volleys of artillery shells into targets gained by use of Satellite GPS calculated trajectories, each C.A.T.'s E.Y.E (Earth Yanking Exocet) Shell could devastate approximately an acre of territory. 

The suit is also equipped with 2 powerful C.A.T. M.E.W.s (Melee Engagement Weapons):

The secondary M.E.W. (Massive Execution Weapon) which is capable of powerful blows and destruction of fortifications like bulk heads or walls 

The C.L.A.W. (Close-quarters Laceration Assault Weapon) which is a fast weapon composed of S.C.R.A.T.C.H. Alloys (Sharp Ceramic Retractible Acrid Tough Chemical Hades) that can be used against multiple melee opponents and is most effective against enemy suits. 

The suit contains many systems to keep the operator alive and focused:

9 L.I.F.E. Support Systems (Life Intensity Focus Enhancments) composed of targeting computers, alert voxes, and tactical informational HUDS. 

P.U.R.R. communicator (Projected Urban Radio Receiver) which is an omni-wave radio transmitter that can communicate with any person and even project loud sounds outside the suit to give orders or shock opponents