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"Asshole? Who's an asshole? I'm not an asshole, i'm the one standing over you, your stupid ass on the ground, because you weren't smart enough to not get hit in the face with this pan of dog-shit pies i threw at you. Stop whining, why don't you get up and stop winning the asshole contest, infidel. " ~ DrTasty'


The Arsehole Gene

You know those guys? You know, the ones who fuck with people or do aggressive stuff no normal person would do under regular circumstances unless they had a couple of strong drinks in their system. An asshole is a person who would do that. It can be spelled asshole, ass-hole, ass hole and arsehole, but never arse-hole. Don't do that, don't be that asshole.

There are all kinds of assholes and ways to be one, but don't let it be a stick in your ass, because that just makes you a prick. We're not talking about them, wake up! Pay attention. Stop being a prick, dumbass. In reality, no one really understands this, because assholes seem to come out of nowhere or spawn from nothing. Not like Spawn, he was an asshole who died and became a bigger asshole with hell powers.

Lovable Assholes[]

There are no such things as lovable assholes. This is just what psychopathic assholes tell themselves and other people into excusing their inexcusable behavior. They actions are so toxic and stunningly unacceptable that they cross that line again and again until it has circled back around into an area that some might consider (if they squint and kind of try not to think about it too much) as "charming". Most of the time, this is because the asshole himself, as well as those surrounding him, have never seen genuine charm.

Don't get this confused with nice guys, because they're not assholes, they're creeps.


Dicks pussies and assholes speech Team America

Virtually all assholes are oblivious to their true nature. The key to being an asshole is to issue NO apology, and double down on whatever shitty thing you did or said.

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