There are a vast amount of Characters in the Revegerits univjerse, some of who are said to exist, this is a list of those characters.

1/8" Rubber GasketsEdit

Dr Tasty - He is a mysterious figure currently one of the heads of the Revengerists.

Harbjar - Another Revengerist, maintains the maintenance of the Revengerist Compound and armory.

South Side Santa - The Revengerists' very own legendarry Santa Hero.

Breshvic Penicillin - One of the founders and leader of the Revengerists. Power of anti-physics or something.

Commodore Bob - Inventor and accidental scientist for The Revengerists and Leader of The Revengerist's Galactic Space Fleet.


Jim Vivas, Viking God of Teh Roxorz - the greatest war volcano death god ever to come outta Long Island

Bricksplosive - only Bricksplosive walks really cool. He can drive any tank. He can do anything he sets his mind to.

El Cocco - no one cares about el Cocco

Worst Ninja Ever. - Extremely stupid and clumsy ninja wannabe i don't even know why he even exists even.

CyBear - an intellingetn bear man who enjoys the pastoral amish life

Odd Jog

Hotknife - The fastest man alive, probably, at least maybe... but probably not.

MIsSTress HamMeAts - Rides a Giant Pigwhores. has a meaty secret.

Irish Cream - Irish warrior of the Revengerists. Killed in Action during the O'Dangerous Time, which is named in honor of him. Made the best Baileys.

Justice Man - Believer of justice. He fights for justice all the time, even if no one wants him to.

Stunt Man - uses the power of stunts AMAZING

Musty Taint - referenced in almost all Revengerist stoires and background gags so look out for 'em!

Bob Sequious! - the Revengerists Compounds sarcastic iconoclastic robot butler.

Der Kirche - a mysterious musical mystic, follower of Ceiling God, mostly for the free Zebra Cakes

Aluminum SidingEdit

The Macster Mind - Evil person dedicated to annoying the Revengerists with his Macintosh love.

Bludgeon - One of the first enemies of the Revengerists, uses a club to beat his foes in.

MacDoal - Construction foreman by day, robber of data banks by night.

Super Peter Parker Man - Looks like Peter Parker, has the powers of Spider-Man and many other powers.

A Vampire

Sonny Veil - Unknown creature made of a stuff that we cannot make out. It will be of consequence for them.

Righteous Oxide - Extreme enemy of the Revengerists, uses both Spark and Furium power

Reptilians - evil space alien empire evolved from dragonmen living in the hollow Earth

The Chicken Cow - Fearsome legendary beast

Dr Evilus - time shifting little dick wart of a supervillain who always does the good guysin

Ze Black Waffle - a scheming figure who smokes tobacco in the shadows and pulls a lot of strings

Mystery Slacker - Very mysterious man who creates major mysteries for people to solve. Occasionally murders a dude.

it's the FUTUR!!!

Dark Girl - A girl who yhas power dark from dark dimension. don't really remember

Tooth Rot - an enemy of all people everywhere!

Mr. Bad Society Man - hurts all the little children an puppies

Orville Redenbacher!

the Church of Scientology

Other Characters of NoteEdit

Scottish Beef - a forign type superhero who helps the Revengerists sometimes

QuikDri - a sometimes evil and sometimes good guy who is now dead for sure.

The Meklausian - An alien from outer space, occasionally assists the Revengerists in developing new technology.

Larry King - Political news face guy. He is weird and creepy stuff.d

Mammoth Princess - princess and protector of giant galactic civilaztion

Interns - The guys that The Revengerists often hire to do menial tasks and errands around the office such as paperwork, picking up coffee and donuts, and getting killed by werewolf friends from The DARK dimension.

Ceiling God - God of Ceilings, master of Zebra Cakes, dealer of BURNS. FUCK YOU {C}Eugene Levy - a sad little trickster who vandalizes all Revengerist things for his own sick pleasure

Doc Hogger - Mutant who has a lot of backstory for some reason

Fox Mulder - FBI Agent always on the trail of these supertrickery things happens all aroun him

Bigfoot - a race of hairy bipeds who live in peaceful forest nests, can teleport, telepathey, and berserker barrage.

Laika the Space Dog

Athnony Starfighter, Commander of the Starship Delta Charmer Merc

Jim Bonaminio - good or evil wizard who gaurds the gates of the nexus of all realities

Strange Gods - the whorling metaphyisal beings who alter and ripple creation at whim.

General Marineguy - leader of the Badass Army

David Bowie

Al Borland

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