The Revegerists' story spans over multiple arcs and comics issues. This is further confused by the constant retconning and time traveling-ability characters (or when they gain time-travel powers only to lose them, or forget they have them, or meet or take others with them on time travel journeys who only mess up the timeline as always) parallel dimensions and possible alternate futures. Different writers/artists teams would sometimes be assigned to the same comic series at the same time without being told of the other, until the issue would have to be resolved by either a cheap Deus Ex Machina, or a sharpened Micron .01 battle to the death.

First EraEdit

This is the First Era where the Revengerists started their work against evil. It started as a single issue per week book and eventually branched to multiple perspectives and character spin-offs. Many storylines did not conclude before the month was out and they had to start on another, so a page-a-day calender was released with these endings, but they are not considered cannon.

There are over several thousand issues of The Revengerists in the First Era.

War of GalacterEdit

The whole of the Revengerits team meets up with Dr Tasty in Space in order to fight a major titano-space battle between Empires and living planets. Everyone is killed except, coincidentally, the main characters. it also introduces MAMMOTH PRINCESS of SPACE who is important for being a sexy mammoth but also the first female (honorary) Revenerist who opens the glass cieling for many more.

The Great Comics Purge of 1980Edit

It is hard to say when all this actually occured, as the team was actually traveling to the 1880's at the time? to do battle in Commodore Bob's war-dirigible from the future. Further complicating things, around this time there was a writer's strike, following the Great Comics Purge of 1980, in which Frank Zappa and Axel Foley were unable to prevent censorship and burnings by parents and right-wing religious zealouts with all the power. This caused a timequake in the Omniverse, which rippled through every Awesome in existence, completely rewriting many backstories and destroying some outright, or worse yet, reverting them to an unnatural 'Norm' state. The main Revengerists that we know and love today were safely kept as copies of themselves trapped in 1880-1884, preventing the election of Winfield Scott Hancock.

Magnesium Age and Penultimate ExigencyEdit

The Magnesium Age of the Revengerists was a partial revamp and reimagining of the Revengerists Universe and a continuation of the Universe after the Dead Spark story arc. Ssince the Dead Spark erased everyone's memories of everything pre-1979 (1997 in later versions) with a 'fake' or 'state-approved' history put in its place. It is revealed that only Norms are affected, and every Awesome is only secretly pretending to forget for each other's collective benefit. Comedy ensues.

Several characters are cut from the Roster with no explanation including Jugglor, Judith "Judy" Winslow, and The Mexican Scientist (who would return years later as a clone with no memory -ed.) while some new faces are added such as Fagot Cougar and The Mammoth Mountain Fucker. In addition, all origins and continuities of the surviving characters were entirely rewritten and retconned int hat order in a series of increasingly ridiculously unbelievable events of the Penultimate Exigency, a tri-annual giant-size crossover flagship banner series, of which all copies have been looted and burned and mana-burned. Stories prior to this are Pre-Exigency, stories after are referred to as Post-Exigency, but only by people who thing they are better than you because they work in comic book stores.

The O'Dangerous TimeEdit

There were several issues of The Revengerists which took place duriong the O'Dangerous Time, After the cataclysmic nervous breakdown identity crisis of the Lord of Chaos, which resulted in several major cities being destroyed by the forces of Crabopolis, the team is forced to reconstitute itself or else the world will learn every secret. Breshvic creates a stasis bubble so that the Earth can exist simultaneously as it always has ont he surface, and also in a pocket dimension where these adventures tack place. This is known as the O'Dangerous Times, retroactively named thus so because of in honor of the fallen Revengerist known as Irish Cream, an Revengerist who was killed by the hands at the Crabopolis Queen. It was nammed to remember him and his sacrifice to the team, especially also his skillful making of homemade Baileys which was sorely missed. He wopuld buy the best Baileys and pour it into a glass and eveyone loved it. Crabopolis and its minionions were the subject of many brutal onsloughts by the Revengererits to seek Revenge for killing of Irish Cream.

Age of TimeEdit

The Age of Time was a possible alternate future that invaded the present, only to be stopped by messages from banished time-travelers in the past. The evil lord-king Ratatoskr, who has in the future become nearly-but-not-quite-all-powerful, wishes to bring about Ragnarok because he forgot where he buried his acorns. As the many timelines co-mingle and inbreed, many heroes and villains are forced to fight their Doppelgängers and even the many ghosts of themselves in timelines where they already died of stupid reasons. Some heroes even have sex with themselves, on the bases that 'hey, when would they get to to that again?' (unsourced)

Dark TimeEdit

While the Revengerists were scattered across the globe, the Vengeance Villains having taken control of their Compound and Identities, they continued their secret existence by making them look bad. To make matters more deliciously evil, the Queen of the Dark at this time attempted to open up her Dark Dimension and impose it upon this pitiful one. An awe-inspiring battle and slaughter of the undead there followed, and evil reigned eternal until time traveling do-gooders unfairly set things on the present, somewhat less evil timeline.

Into the MysteryEdit

This is the aftermath of The Mysterious Mystery where the fake real rake Mystery Slacker opened a door dimension rip into the Omniverse and now a mysterious dimension known as the Mystery exists. When things escape this dimension they become VEERRRRY YYY mysterious and The Revengerists must solve these mysteries or everything slowly becomes mysterious. This series is called into the Mystery because the Revengerists have to solve a bunch of mysteries and is an ongoing saga thaty will never end unless Breshvic Penicillin gets his head out of his ass and repairs the rip, which he intends to do but always forgets because he inevitably eats a lot of doritos and forgets because The Poisonator poisoned the world's dorito supply with forget poison.

Spin-offs and Side SeriesEdit

There were a number of extra comics featuring solo adventures for characters like Breshvic Penicillin's estranged son Denis and Dr. Tasty's complex origin stories. These are highly values prized by collectors, rare and expensive finds in deed, but almost everyone agrees that they are not worth reading. Then there was that time they did the one thing and everybody was like woah.

Finite Contingency Edit

An overly lengthy and convoluted series dealing with a war involving clones of every Awesome in the known universe. Revengerists die and come back, Evil Guys die and come back, my dick comes and then dies. It's CRAZY.

Other versionsEdit

1920s RevengeristsEdit

A short-lived team of superheroes in the 1920s called themselves the "Revengerists". Consisting of Dust Bowl Boy, Venus, Racism-Face, the Booze-Runner, Pork Barrel, Huey P. Long, Cat's Meow, the Suffragette and Bee's Knees,[66] the team was unrelated in any way to the modern Revengerists other than all memory of them is erased by the time-manipulators. They would have broken up anyhow, as there was too much team strife between their varying idealogies being pro-booze, anti-booze, pro-racism, anti-racism, pro-women, anti-women, rich fat cat and destitute dust bowl refugee.

Teen Revengerists or Young Revengerists or Junior RevengeristsEdit

In the alternate future timeline, the Revengerists have disbanded and the Revengerists Compound is now a museum. An emergency forces Bob Sequious! to sound an alert, and a new generation of heroes form a new team of Revengerists. Most of them are spoiled children and teenagers who can't do jack-shit but complain about how adults have ruined the world, and are so awkward and indecisive that they can't even commit to the same team name. Also, I don't understand their music!

Revengerists East CoastEdit

When the Revengerists Consortium became too unweildly for one base and one side of the country and planet to behold, lest the secrets of their Awesome acts be made public, they allowed their understudies, (really just the guys who beat up fanboys and wannabe posers, who had risen in Awesome stature by proximity and training by Awesomes) to form a team on the East Coast of Spain. Hence they watch over every time zone on the planet and in space moving West to East, and the Revengerists Prime everything from East to West. If the East Coast Revengerists are traveling 1,600 m.p.h. and leave at 2:02 a.m., and the Revengerists Prime are traveling 2,999 m.p.h. and leave at 6:00 p.m. the following morning, when will they meet? This question is never resolved in canon.

There was also an East Coast/West Coast Rivalry and feud that lasted through most of the 1990's and resulted in the permanent and temporary deaths of several main characters.

Revengerist ZombiesEdit

The Revengerists once were zombies in a parallel diemsion where they were brought back by jewelry and lighting appliance clad galactic policemen to fight against other different coloured galactic policemen but they started eating both sides insted. This didn't make since for multeple reasons. One) 90% Awesomes cannot be turned into zombies, Two) Zombies aren't smart to talk and scheme and use powers and such and C) they could never make a dimensional portal machine. One could agrue (and many have) that being Awesome kept them from becomeing dumb zombies but hey then why woud they sudenly want to be evil and consume flesh? Yes I understand that is a zombie desire but if they are Awesome enough to overcome other zombie atributes then then they obviously would be able to cure it. It even didn't make since of itself sense the wormhole opened up and zombie Revengerists were fighting zombie Revengerists and it wasnt explaned that it was over food or something.


There are many different scenarios in which the Revengerits do unbeleivably uncharacteristic things in a stupid series called FUTURE TALES.

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