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The Revengerists have participated in many events ranging from microscopic to MEGASCOPIC.

List of Major Events[]

  • The Scouring - The Revengerists fight off a wave of Super Mutant Alien Men Golf Players who are trying to annihilate the world's supply of pork rinds.
  • The Scowling - Breshvic and Odd Jog team up to stop the plot of an evil person who is also angry.
  • The Howling - Dr Tasty and several temporary members (interns) of the Revengerists make friends with the Werewolf People of the DARK dimension.
  • The Bowling - The Revengerists compete in a worldwide Bowling tournament. The Human Meat Curtain takes 2nd place.
  • Hockey League Summer Camp - The Revengerists take up part time jobs attempting to save up enough money to buy a laser factory.
  • The Legend of the Sword
  • The Bowelling - Someone wasn't feeling very good
  • War of Armatron - When Mr. Clobb wasn't very well to fight good in the fight with Armatron some other heroes have to fight with him in order for Mr. Clobb to be able to fighter mroe better.
  • The War of Galactar
  • The Battle of the Good guys and the Bad Guys that happened
  • The Annual BBQ So-Hot-a-Summer Grillagrillathon - a referred to but nigh-seen tradition of the Revengerits that happened in the future later after their defear of all evil and the robot uprising.
  • The Robot Uprising - see also; the Future.
  • The Mysterious Mystery - A very mysterious mysterjy that ahppened to the 4 Revengerists friends
  • Finite Contingency

Many a mad evil scheme and CRIME HAPPEN![]


Some types of events are MYSTERIES and/or may even not have evented at all. This may be due to intelldimensional rifts or time-fuckery.

One Type of Days is the Holy Days[]

these usually recur annually or semi-annually

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