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an explosion in a controlled lab setting

Explosions (also known as; splosions, splodes, esplode, sprode, kablooeys, kablams) happen every day in every way.

Always watch out and be careful at all times, or you might explode.

Explosions cause things to break apart and move away from each other at a very fast rate. The opposite of an ex-plosion is an im-plosion, and it makes everything go inwards and compact together really fast.

Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 2.59.07 AM.png

Everything can potentially explode, but things that are especially known to explode are referred to as explosive. If a fire happens all at once in a big ball, this is a type of explosion. Such items are usually maked flammable to denote that they may burst into flame and/or explode, and the opposite items are marked in-flammable, to denote that they are completely safe to handle around open flame and sparks. Chemicals usually explode when they come into contact with each other. It is only because certain chemicals rarely do NOT do this that physical matter and life continue to exist.

The entire Omniverse came to exist because of a big explosion.


OVERKILL - The Schwarzenegger Explosion Supercut

Stars and other celestial objects explode on the regular. Biological organismz have been known to unexpectedly esprode for no reason, known as Spontaneous Combustion.

Explosions may be harnessed by mad super-science or military weaponry, but also have been seen as a natural form of Awesome superpower. Regardless of their size, agency, use, property destruction or loss of life, all explosions are awesome.


A Tribute To Movie Explosions - Disco Inferno

Explosion Science[]

An entire field of science has cropped up surrounding the study of splodings, and the resulting fire that these explosions cause.


Giant Gummy Bear Fireball!

Population Explosions[]

Sometimes entire populations of beings all spontaneously combust at once. This is known as a population explosion, and results in a much smaller population of that group or species. If it is devastating enough, it will result in extinction of said population.

Nucular Explosons[]

The biggest and bad-assest version of splosions (currently known to humans) is brought to you by atomic power. It has been used to win entire world wars, needlessly destroy tiny and beautiful tropical islands, make a country's metaphorical dick look big, and unintentionally create massive kaiju.

The chain-reaction explosions are so large when they mushroom out that smaller rings of clouds form around them due to the shockwave of compressed air, or Wilson clouds.


Original Colour Film of Baker Atom Bomb at Bikini Atoll 1946

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