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There are a lot of weird people in the world and the world is a much better place for it. You should endeavor to always surround yourself with weird people full of imagination. However, the admirable trait of weirdness, and the pleasurable acquaintanceship of weirdos is distinct from the unfortunate reality of Fuckin Weirdos.

Fuckin Weirdos are different. Many are Creeps or Douchebags. Others just make things harder for others, bordering on Asshole behavior. Even nominally 'weird' folks will look at a Fuckin Weirdo and say "what a Fuckin Weirdo" (see also: Mothman). As Senator Guy Manbun once said 'I don't know the dictionary definition of a fucking weirdo, but I knows it when I sees it.' Senator Guy Manbun was later outed for smuggling alligator porn, because he was a fucking weirdo, a hypocrite, and a creep, all along.

Some are alright, just a bit off-putting or disarming with their weirdness in a way that most are not acclimated to. For example, Frank Zappa, who sang about fucking a shark and calling vegetables on the telephone, but also was a fierce advocate for free speech. Referring to them as 'fucking weirdos' is more akin to the statement of approval 'fucking ey', and if this shared word usage is confusing, then very well, Fuckin Weirdness is large and contains multitudes.

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