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“If you end up with a boring miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest, or some guy on television telling you how to do your shit, then you deserve it.”

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Norms are anyone who is NOT Awesome. In the Revengerist  Omniverse , almost every character is Awesome, even those who used to be Norms like butlers or Interns, acheive at least a little Awesomeness by proximity. Contrary to what one would think, it is best in the Revengerist Omniverse to assume someone is Awesome, unless it is specifically stated otherwise. A very dramatic reveal would sometimes be to show that a character long-thought to be Awesome was a Norm all along, but to fool so many Awesomes means they must have been a little Awesome to be so tricky. Many a FUCKING NORM tries to fool people into thinking that they are an Awesome, but they are just wanabe posers with Tame-Ass Karate, secret identities, a cape, and tasers. There is absolutely nothing else worth saying about Norms. Those who are completely devoid of any and all possibility of Awesome, and who also magnetically repellent of Awesome, are NOT-Awesome.


A lot of really lame norms have nothing but contempt for their awesome counter-parts and are pretty vocal about it. Teenage awesomes tend to be exiled from their homes simply for having powers. There is fear amongst norms of awesomes and it never isn't tiring. They say shit like "Oh no, you have powers, you're EVIL!" "A m-m-m-utant!" or just generally not trust anyone who is an awesome even if they've been friends or family with them for decades. Most norms are just jealous and that's what fuels this bullshit. Lawmakers have even proposed measures to control or contain awesomes and it never stops.

And what are they even thinking anyway? They're just a bunch of stupid dickbags that don't know anything. In fact, awesomes should probably be ruling the planet anyway.


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