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Good guys are those that do good, follow the "Golden Rule", serve the betterment of the rest of the world or humankind or the galaxy or Omniverse or whatever. They are sometimes referred to by their nemeses as "goody-goodys" or "do-gooders" for some reason.

Good guys are not necessarily guys, as many women can be superheroic as well. Women have the natural capacity to be smarter than men, and should always strive to be smart and good first, and everything else second. This, as with many theories of heroic Awesomes, would enhance their Awesomeness. Many women are tempted to be pure evil, though not nearly as much as men.


Bonnie Tyler - I Need a Hero (Lyrics)

A Hero is a good guy who goes beyond the mere realms of being good. They must answer the call, face and overcome adversity, risk losing everything or sacrifice something of themselves or someone they love for the "greater good", despite the odds, and in the process become greater themselves. Lady heroes are called heroines, not to be confused with the Schedule I Narcotic. Heroines undergo very similar journeys as male Heroes, but are often much better at it or get more out of it.

They must take a journey of some kind, participate in quest or undergo a test, learn very important truths, defeat a terrible evil, and save everyone. If they do not do all of these things, they are shit. If they do then they are the shit. Those that do may be granted immortality, even if just the lame metaphorical kind, as they literally become larger than life. They may also be granted secret knowledge, powers, gifts, boons, or princesses.

They are sometimes seen as demigods or gods, because our feeble, flawed minds simply cannot understand their abilities and feats or moral fortitude.

The hero is in fact flawed. If something bad enough happens they may go blank, or lose the very morality or powers that defined them. A hero could become so disillusioned with the stark Manichean nature of fighting evil, or the contrasting moralities, that they crack and become crazy or evil themselves. Heroes may become arrogant or haughty, and require hubris and comeuppance (similar to villains) by their patron gods, fathers, or circumstance. These heroes exist on a dangerous border where they risk losing hero status and their very humanity, much like Douchey Awesomes.

Not all Awesomes are good guys (there are evil Awesomes), and not even all good guys are Awesomes, though most we call heroes are.

prominent thinker and inventor of the "monomyth" from which apes gained space knowledge

Eliot Gould's theory of Heroism, similar to some theories of Awesome, goes as follows:

  • toddlers at a young age explore and go on adventures
  • teenagers fight bullies and even some higher order forms of evil and tyranny, such as secret aliens.
  • some people decide to work in social justice, despite the low pay
  • others choose to fight crime more directly, such as police, vigilantes, and RLSHs
  • there are "dark superheroes" who fight against gangsters and occult forces the bigger heroes don't wanna deal with
  • heroes of a very high order fight alien invasions, intergalactic empires, interdimensional forces, gods and demigods, overpowered supervillains, and giant armies of mythical creatures.
  • Heroes are also really cool and can't be beaten in arm wrestling

This is somewhat a linear progression of power rating, but also works like a branching tree, with some entertwining and looping back around themselves.


Janelle Monáe - "Heroes" (from Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game LP)

Anti-heroes balance all the above bullshit by basically doing whatever needs to be done and ignoring conventional conceptions of heroism or morality tales. Some employ a staunch myopic morality not much unlike fascism , while others employ a moral relativism that is okay too sometimes (for them and their culture).


100 Greatest One-Liners- Before The Kill

Anti-heroes like The Revengerists are the most badass and don't take any lip from anybody. Examples of the many anti-heroes of the Revengeristes: Dr Tasty

...Actualy Dr Tasty isn't so much an Anti-Hero as he is a Not-GoodGuy. He fights crime and stuff but doesn't rweally give a shit, and sometimes he punches THE PRESIDENT


Aside from protecting and serving the Law and Justice, Good Awesomes may serve in law roles such as lawgiver, lawman or lawyer. They uphold the laws for the people unless the law is wrong in which case they may find themselves on the wrong side of the law (even Metaphysical Law) and need a superheroic specializing law firm such as Nelson & Murdock or Law and the Multiverse.


Both heroes and villains need to know what to wear when battling and adventuring.


Many outfitters exist such as The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co., a real and actual retail store serving as a front for Awesome Good Guys.

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