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[Quote1.png ] We're mutants. Born different from baseline humanity, with an enhanced genome that gives us super-powers. You piss us off at your peril. [1]

-- Shadowcat


Mutants (or 'filthy Muties' as they deserve to be called) are gross abominations of nature. We're not advocating that they all be killed, or rounded up and put into camps, or enslaved, or shot into space and forced to live on an asteroid, or anything radical like that. Don't be a fucking bigot or anything. Just discriminate against them and make them feel really bad for being born different. That's all we ask.

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One gene can give you wings, turn you into a gelatinous cube, give you laser eyes, or allow you to kill with a touch. In fact, this same gene will manifest as different superpowers in each person who possesses it. Duh. Scienticians are busy studying mutants for the benefits they may have to mankind. One group of researchers are investigating the over 400 mutations in the healthy blood cells of a 115-year-old woman, suggesting that lesions at these sites are largely harmless over the course of a lifetime (and may lead to medical breakthroughs in treating diseases such as cancer). Another team at a facility in Canada is currently studying the regenerative abilities of one individual (X), whome they have also needlessly fused with adamantium onto his bones.


Human mutants (or Homo Sapiens Superior Pooperior) were created by a star-faring race of humanoid aliens called the "Celestials". Approximately one million years ago, these beings came to Earth and performed genetic tests and experiments on Earth's highest lifeforms, the nascent human being. To test the versatility of human genes they implanted strands of a dormant DNA complex which would one day permit uncanny mutations of enormous scope in humanity. The abilities granted by the presence of this X-Gene can be minuscule to god-like, as evidenced by the great variety of powers exhibited by the many well known mutants of Earth. For example, many of the X-Men, and former members of the Brotherhood of Mutants are quite powerful, while others possess seemingly trivial abilities.

It has also been suggested that selective breeding, eugenics, higher IQ scores, technological and cultural advancement, and/or the Olympics are to blame. This implies that people without these advantages would not evolve into mutants. Any evidence like this is racist and should be ignored by science. Besides, who wants to be a filthy mutie, anyway?

The first recorded mutant on Earth was Selene, known to have been active during the Hyborean Age (roughly 14,000 BC to 10,000 BC). En Sabah Nur followed millennia later, born in 30th Century BC Egypt and Garbha-Hsien in the Ho-Lo Shan Mountains of Northern Mongolia, China later still. During the time in which Apocalypse went into hibernation, only a handful of mutants emerged, including Nicodemus, Victor Creed, Raven Darkholme, James Howlett, and Jonas Graymalkin. There was an exponential increase in the mutant population during the 20th century. A popular explanation for this marked growth is the proliferation of nuclear technologies in the modern era.


Prior to M-Day, it was estimated that from one in 25,000 to one in 10,000 persons were mutants (numbers depend on the area; mutants tend to congregate in cities). An estimated 20,000 mutants lived in the United States, and 250,000 to 500,000 worldwide (some estimates place the number at twice that).

Secondary Mutation[]

Secondary Mutation is a phenomenon in which an existing mutant gains additional powers, or a change in appearance. The first known subject isPolaris.[1] Beast is actually the second and it is he who named the phenomenon.[2]

Secondary mutation is noted as the appearance of new powers, or an increase in existing powers.

The Secondary Mutation, like the release of the Extinction Gene, has been induced by the critical point reached by the world mutant population in 2001. Since the M-Day, there are no new Secondary Mutation subjects.

List of Secondary Mutation subjects[]


Powers Change

First Appearance after the Secondary Mutation


Sanguinal Healing Factor

Uncanny X-Men#420


Feline Form

New X-Men #114


Dichromatimorphic Skin

New MutantsVol 2 #12

Emma Frost

Organic Diamond Form

New X-Men #116


Living Ice Form


Absorbs Negative Emotions, Strength, Invulnerability & Amazonian Size

Uncanny X-Men#254


Mutants grew sharply in number during recent years, but on M-Day the Scarlet Witch used her magicks to depower approximately 91.4% of the world's mutant population,[3] leaving most without any trace of an X-Gene.[4]Now there are less than 200 individuals who are recognized as mutants. The Terrigen Mist was used to mimic X-Gene granted abilities in several former mutants, but the effects were dangerous and temporary. Almost all mutants from alternate realities residing in the Earth-616 reality retained their powers (i.e. Bishop, Dark Beast,Rachel Grey, Sugar-Man, etc.),[5] but this is apparently just a coincidence, since Jon Spectre lost his powers. Thus far, there have only been eight mutant manifestations since M-Day.


Third Mutation[]


Mutants gain experience after battling wild Mutants and Mutant Trainers. The more experience a Mutant gains, the more it levels up. When a Mutant reaches a particular level, it will evolve into its next form, if it has one. This is very helpful to most Trainers who want their Mutant to become stronger.

There are ways to share experience, such as allow a Mutant you wish it to evolve to hold Exp. Share. It is a hold item that allows the user to earn experience even if it did not participate in the battle. This is a convenient tool if you want to level up a new or low-level Mutant.

You can prevent evolution by simply press the 'B' button when the Mutant is attempting to evolve. This is useful as some Mutant will learn moves that cannot be learnt in a later form or if you want a Mutant to learn a move earlier than usual.

Some mutants will not evolve unless you use a special stone called an Evolution Stone. These special Items are linked to the mutants's type.

Some items are needed for a Mutant to evolve. If a Mutant hold the item allowing it to evolve, let it level up once and it will then evolve into the second form.

A small group of Mutants refuses to evolve, no matter if you are at the appropriate level to trigger the evolve process, unless you trade them with a friend. Some Mutants need to have a held item to evolve when trading with a friend. Another group require specific Mutants to be trade in order to evolve.

Small groups of Mutants requires a gender to evolve into the next stage.

Certain Mutants, especially baby mutants, require friendship with its trainer and if they are fond enough, they are willing to evolve. Some Mutants only evolves in a certain time of the day with friendship.

Special Mutants evolves at a certain area of location.

Certain attack-based Mutants need to know a move to evolve.

Some Mutants have certain type of unique way of evolve. Sometimes mutant powers are Tame-ass Karate or even detrimental, such as Super Fear or Left-Handedness

Because of this, many mutants want to "cure" or reverse their mutations. They can only accomplish this, of course, through the power of prayer. Powers Variable.


Meet Graham, the only person to survive on our roads.


Variable. Most do speak fluent English.

Average Strength level[]



Variable. Human intolerance and hatred.


Children of members of the Homo Superior race, most often have very similar, exact duplicates, or advanced versions of one or both parents' powers (example: Lady Mastermind, Wallflower, Polaris, Daken, Nightcrawler,Ruby Summers). Occasionally, the resulting offspring can have radically different powers (examples: Quicksilver,Magma). Neither of these results are uncommon when crossbreeding between Homo Superior and Homo Sapiens. Familial power similarities are not only passed from parent to child, but can also be common between siblings in first generation mutants families (examples: Frost Family Tree, Xavier Family Tree, Summers and Grey Family Tree). Though less common, powers can also vary widely within first generation mutants (examples: Guthrie Family Tree and Rasputin Family Tree) just as with parental power inheritance.

In very rare instances, a child of two Homo Superiors can evolutionarily regress and be born Homo Sapiens without an X-Gene (example: Graydon Creed).

Homo Superior have been shown to successfully crossbreed with several other genus Homo species (Homo sapiens, Homo inhumanus, Homo mermanus, etc.), gods (Asgardians, Eternals, etc.) and other humanoid aliens (Shi'ar, Mephitisoids, etc.).



According to Damian Tryp, Homo Killcrop is a genetic predecessor to Homo Superior. Also known asChangelings or Replacement People, this category of mutants possess an X-Gene which manifests at birth instead of during adolescence. The evolutionary trait of delaying the onset of mutant powers helped more members of the species survive and proliferate.[6] Changelings are still considered by most to be merely a subset of mutants. Also see the list of Changelings.


The Cheyarafim are a subset of angel-like mutants. Apparently the only survivor of the Cheyarafim is Angel. Also see the list of Cheyarafim.

Dominant Species[]

Maximus Lobo claimed he belong to a sub-species of lupine mutants he called the Dominant Species.[7]Additionally, Romulus claimed some human mutants evolved from canines instead of primates. Examples would include Wolfsbane, Feral and Wolf Cub. Also see the list of Lupine Form.

Depowered Mutants[]

Most depowered mutants are a result of M-Day. Some depowered mutants results other interventions such as theHope Serum, power neutralizing guns, or losing powers due to other mutants. Some of these effects are temporary, but others are permanent. Some depowered mutants still consider themselves cultural mutants[8]despite not having powers. Also see the list of Depowered Mutants. Depowered mutants are generally divided into two categories:

  • Pans stands for Pass As Normal. These are former mutants who now appear completely human.[9]Examples include Beak, Lex and Prodigy.
  • Rems is short for remnants. These are former mutants left with some artifact of their former powers such as horns, bone crests, wings or odd tentacles.[9][10] Examples include Artie Maddicks, Marrow and Blob.


The Externals were a small group of immortal mutants, who posed themselves as a subspecies. Also see the list of Externals.

Homo Insectus[]

It was stated that one-third of the world's human population still carries the vestigial "insect gene", and Ana Soriais the only known mutant of this subspecies, the Homo Insectus.

Homo Supreme[]

It was stated that Mr. Immortal is not a Homo Superior, but the first member of the new species: Homo Supreme.[11]


The Neo believe themselves to be the next step of human-mutant evolution. The Neo appear to possess X-Genes, but claim to be far more powerful than regular mutants. The Neo separate themselves from the rest of mutants and isolate themselves from society. The Neo were affected by M-Day just like the rest of mutantkind. Not long after the return of Mutant Messiah, the Neo attacked Utopia and were completely killed by theEvolutionaries.[12] Also see the list of Neo.


The Neyaphem are a subset of demonic-looking mutants. They claim to be some of the oldest and most powerful mutants. Almost all of the Neyaphem are currently dead or depowered. Also see the list of Neyaphem.

Omega Level Mutants[]

Mutant power classifications have never been fully explained. However, Omega Level Mutant is a term that is commonly used to refer to a mutant possessing powers without foreseeable limits. Examples include Elixir's biokinesis[13][14] and Legion's spontaneous mutations.[15][16][17] Also see the list of confirmed Omega Level Mutants.

Beyond Omega[]

Some mutants were described to be beyond Omega. Vulcan by Prof. X after being exposed to burst of mutant energy[18] and Franklin Richards by Celestials[19].


Are You a Mutant?


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Habitat: Earth, primarily Utopia and Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, but also New York City and other locales Gravity: 9.80665 m / s2 Atmosphere: Roughly 78.09% Nitrogen, 20.95% Oxygen, 0.93% Argon, 0.038% Carbon Dioxide, and small amounts of other gases. Population: Less than 200


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