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Mysteries are dangerous phenomenon because nobody knows what they fuck is going on. The moment somebody around here can get a handle on any of this, it will at that point cease to be a mystery, and is thus of no concern to this wiki page entry or its contents.

Real mysteries, unlike and distinct from hoaxes or fake mysteries or known facts, exist in a nether-region of quantum truth, within which all manner of beasties dwell. Better take a weapon, it's dangerous to go alone.

Sometimes things and animals fall from the sky that shouldn't. Sometimes two people look exactly alike despite having no relation. Sometimes people live remarkably synchronous lives defying any probabilistic explanation. Sometimes people and animals explode for no reason. And often, crimes are never solved and conspiracies never uncovered.

Certain nexus of realities and other ethereal doorways exist in haunted houses, abandoned laboratories and tourist trap sacks across the globe of Earth, and even out in space, where they are known as Cosmic Mysteries!

Murder mysteries involve the solving of unknown crimes of homicide, and are usually quite difficult puzzles for the audience of detectives to solve, and that's even if the perpetrator was fair enough to even leave enough clues to make it solvable at all!

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Food Fraud crimes hardly ever are solved

Police are investigating strange photos turning up online of a cloaked individual reportedly placing raw meat near a playground in Gastonia, North Carolina.

Officers visited the Hudson Woods Apartment Complex where the photos were allegedly taken. From WBTV:

There is a playground near the wooded parts of the apartment complex, but (police spokesperson Donna) Lahser says officers could not confirm that the photo actually came from that apartment complex.

"It could have come from anywhere," she said. "We don't know if this is some bogus prank someone is playing."

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