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"Powers are those things that all you people use every day to get things done. But those ones are lame and stupid because you all use them. Only the cool people know about all the super powers out there that make one an AWESOME!."' ~ a Trueist at the next convention


Space Sheriff Triple Transformation

All Awesomes have some form of power, even if it is merely the power that was inside of them all along. Not every power is good, some babies upon birth explode simply because that was their lame power. Some powers are so Awesome that they literally threaten to wipe out all life in the galaxy, and some powers drive the users mad or evil with power(scientists confirm this). Detrimental powers include the powers of prayer, or Traffic Light Telekinesis, or Left-Handedness.

Not all powers are Awesome, such as the power to recognize bread when you see it. But most of them are.

A lot of time people are born with powers, or they manifest at some point. Sometimes entire races of beings have powers. Other times it is the random genetic mutation of evolution in action. Powers can be induced by gods, extraterrestrial or extradimensional beings, a lab or military experiment gone awry, mystical dark arts conjuring or alchemy, deal with the devil, or a supernatural weather event such as a meteorite, solar eclipse or freaky-deaky storm, baby.

Powers can be affected by drugs, like, a person is affected by drugs. This causes the powers to take on the reverse of their original effect. An example of this is someone with the power to rewind time instead going forward in time.

In the Revengerists Omniverse, powers manifest in all of the following ways but are often later depicted differently by various fans. Trueists will tend to describe Awesomes who have very impressive high-level human abilities, sometimes bordering on supernatural, but are overall very skeptical that anything fantastical has happened, otherwise it is "fictional" and even then they will regidly maintain a self-consistent continuity and snark anything that does not or cannot adhere. Realists realize just what amazing feats of POWERS can and does happen erry day all around us with absolutely no limits at all just look around fuckers!! Members and writers of fin faction will most often depict powers manifesting as eight demon tentacle cocks, the ability to make chicks want to sleep with you by creepily staring at their legs, animophing, or characters holding each other and telepathically spouting some poetic bullshit.

P-Powers Print Main 500x669 A 1024x1024.jpg


Examples of ways in which a character has the ability to generate an effect.



See also

Inhuman nature[]

Homo mermanus; Kryptonians;[1] Shinigami

The character belongs to a class of wholly or partially non-human beings for whom superhuman capabilities are typical. This includes, but is not limited to, characters who are aliens, demons, gods or hybrids.

Object-based powers[]

683575ac70d517843787cefed3f6b2d6 1 (4).jpg
| class="td5" valign="middle"|

Iron Man's armor; Green Lantern's power ring;[2] Sauron's One Ring

List of objects in the DC Universe

Powers derived from objects (also known as artifacts), such as armor, jewelry, weapons, and wands. Some members of the human populace can get powers from unexpected incidents such as the Wold Newton Meteorite giving off some myserious energies, while a few gained their power from exposure to Cosmic Rays. Others still derive powers from horrible diseases like the Techno-Organic Virus, others from terrible Curses.  


X-Men;[3] Captain Comet;[4] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Mutant (fictional)

These powers are a direct result of some form of either induced evolution or natural selection, usually manifested during adolescent puberty when other mental and bodily adaptations take place.

500a51312c6d3164f653f629926a3ad0-7-mildly-convenient-mutant-powers (1).jpg


Examples of methods by which a character generates an effect.



See also

Energy sourcing[]

Nexus;[5] Ray;[6] Apollo[7]

Ability to draw power from large or small but abundant sources of energy, such as turning kinetic energy into physical blasts or converting solar energy into other forms. Sometimes based on proximity to source, sometimes stored for future use.


Iron Fist;[8] Krillin[9]



Dragon Ball Z AMV -- Push Ki

Many characters who train in martial arts gain superhuman capabilities by learning to harness chi life energy or some other such nonsense. This type of method generally provides extraordinary strength, speed, durability and reflexes. Your basic set. Also often used for superhuman awareness, energy blasts, elemental powers and sometimes invulnerability.

Magical powers[]

Supernatural: Doctor Strange;[10] Doctor Fate;[11] Ganon

Pseudo-supernatural(?!?): Mister Mxyzptlk;[12][13] Impossible Man;[14] Wizardmon

Magic in our hearts

This is the ability to use magical forces to varying degrees. Often used to simulate other powers, such as mind control and elemental attacks. Not all "magical" superpowers are actually supernatural, but are based on alternative or futuristic "science".[15] For instance, Moon Knight's strength, endurance and reflexes are enhanced depending upon the phases of the moon.[16] Uncle Sam has his powers in proportion to the people's belief in the ideals of America.[17] Basically, if it doesn't make any goddamned sense, one can simply say it is "magic" and move on.


Black Box;[18] Cyborg Superman;[19] Drummer;[20] Micah Sanders |

Ability to manipulate technology. Manifested as a special form of electrical/telekinetic manipulation, a special form of "morphing" which allows physical interaction with machines, or even a psychic ability that allows for mental interface with computer data. 

500a51312c6d3164f653f629926a3ad0-7-mildly-convenient-mutant-powers2 (1).jpg
683575ac70d517843787cefed3f6b2d6 1 (3).jpg


Ability to see through the internet tubes, even the most secret ones.

High Tech[]

sometimes these aren't powers at all but just some cool new bluetooth enabled device that to lesser minds only seems like magic






Real Life Super Powers

Jean Grey; Maxima;[21] Battalion; Billie Jenkins; Sylar


Ability to manipulate and control objects with the mind, often in ways not visible to the naked eye. It may only be certain items, such as with Traffic Light Telekinesis


Superpower interaction This section refers to the ability to manipulate or otherwise interact with superpowers themselves, not "power" such as electrical power or gravitational power. This is also not to be confused with energies. Many of these powers are god-like, others only act as a middleman or Powers Broker to facilitate the use of powers in others. Either way, it's a way to make a quick buck, or help others escape a halted or stale storyline.



Power augmentation[]

Fabian Cortez; Ando Masahashi

Ability to enhance or weaken the powers of others.

Power bestowal[]

Sage;[22] Synergy[23]

Ability to bestow powers or jump-start latent powers. This may be related to power transferal, which is undertaken by a Powers Broker.

Power mimicry[]

Peter Petrelli

Ability to copy another's powers or skills.

Power manupulation[]

The ability to manipulate extraordinary/supernatural abilities.

Power absorption[]

Rogue;[24] Black Alice; Kakashi Hatake

Ability to absorb another's powers or skills.

Power negation[]

Ability to cancel the superpowers of others.

Power detection[]

Ability to sense or recognize superhuman powers.

Power randomization[]

Ability to psionically exchange the abilities of any multiple subjects at random sometimes even within an undetermined radius, and for an undetermined amount of time, at undisclosed locations, for undiscernable reasons.

Personal physical powers[]

Powers which affect an individual's body.



See also

Accelerated regeneration[]

Wolverine;[29] Lobo;[30] Alexander Anderson; Claire Bennet

Healing factor

Regeneration (biology)

Regeneration (Doctor Who)

Ability to heal rapidly from any* injury; the rate of recovery varies from character to character. Can sometimes result in the slowing of aging. *often does not include head shots or decapitations, see: "Zombie rules"

Adoptive Muscle Memory[]

Ability to replicate movements after observation. Although most human beings can do this, it's really only impressive when superhuman Awesomes can do it after watching (or merely glancing) once. Even then, it doesn't grant them powers above and beyond what they are physically capable of anyway, so they could never do something cool like....

Acid generation[]

Anarchist;[31] Man-Thing;[32] Reptile

Ability to generate acid, can be manifested through touch or as a spray. This generation mostly lived in the 1960s.

Animal mimicry[]

Animal Man;[33] Vixen[34][35]

Ability to take on the abilities of certain animals. This is not the same as Animorphing, just people who gain enhanced animal-like abilities. This is also not the same as furries, as they do not need to dress up as anything or play pretend. Furries are also not the same thing as werewolves. In case you were wondering.

Biological manipulation[]

Elixir;[36] Shawn Farrell

Ability to control all aspects of a living creature's biological make-up. This includes, but is not limited to, genetic alterations, physical distortion/augmentations, healing, disease, and biological functions. One of your basic "God-like" powers. These types of powers have historically been responsible for squids, jackalopes, poison ivy, pineapples, squirrels, chupacabras, marijuana and the Sabre-Toothed Walrus.

Body part substitution[]

Terror;[37] Heather Mills

Ability to replace one's limbs or other body parts with those of another.

Bone manipulation[]

Marrow;[38] Spike[39] Mona Robinson

Ability to manipulate the bones in one's own body. This includes, but is not limited to, the generation of new bone mass, projecting bones out from the skin or rearranging one's own bones in icky ways.

Duplication (physical)[]

Jamie Madrox;[40] Multiplex; Naruto Uzumaki[41]


Molecular cloning

Ability to create physical duplicates of oneself. This almost always results in the "individual" learning what a douche they all are. When found in bisexual narcissists, hilarity ensues.

Duplication (temporal)[]

Flashback;[42] Damian Tryp[43]

Ability to bring past and future versions of oneself back to the present. If they touch each other, they will either blow up, de-atomize, feint, do a double-take, or do nothing.


Daredevil;[44] Man-Bat[45]

Human echolocation


The Boy Who Could See Like A bat (Echolocation)

Ability to determine location of objects in the environment by use of reflected sound waves, whether generated by the character or ambient sound. Also known as sonar or radar sense or 'blindsight' if you are very cruel. These characters are easily defeated by playing {boom box}.


Invisible Woman;[46] Invisible Kid;[47] Mew;[48]


Ability to render the user unseen to the naked eye. For some reason this power has a high probability of driving the user criminally insane and murderous, or at the very least 'all rapey'. Very few are capable of using this power for good, or even apathetically using it to live in society's shadow minding their own business, but it has been known to happen. It is important to ensure that this power is also paired with Revisibility, the ability to again be seen after having gone (temporarily) invisible. If one is permamently invisible, one is bound to get squooshed by a city bus.


Epic Beard Man; Emery Schaub;[49] Supergirl;[50] Brit;[51] Doc Strange[52]

Ability to be immune to one or more forms of physical damage. If it is only one, then your invulnerability pretty much sucks. Seriously, that's like, most people. Most people are invulnerable to attacks from soft white bread. Invunerables may still age and die (see: Immortality) and they may still somehow be defeated (see: Invincibility) and they can probably still have their feelings hurt. They may or may not also be "immune" to other types of attacks, such as psionic daggers, disease, emotional distress, or immunity from getting voted off the island.

Kinetic absorption[]

Strong Guy;[53] Sebastian Shaw[54]

Ability to absorb forms of kinetic energy into oneself and utilize it in some way, such as by converting it into physical strength or using it to power energy blasts!!


Juggling is a physical skill involving the manipulation of objects for recreation, entertainment or sport. The most recognizable form of juggling is toss juggling. Juggling can be the manipulation of one object or many objects at the same time, using one or many hands.

Juggling Three Rubik's Cubes While Solving Them[]


Solving three cubes while juggling them

Ability to solve three Rubik's cubes at once while also juggling them.

Matter ingestion[]


Mr Eats All-Even Metal - France

Matter-Eater Lad[55Monsieur Mangetout

Ability to consume any sort of matter without any ill effects on the user. There is absolutely no reason to do this.


Kleinstocks;[56B'wana Beast;[57Trunks[58][59]


Goku Teach Vegeta The Fusion Steps

Ability to temporarily merge two beings into a single being, which results in a completely new and stronger being. This is also a power that can be learned by some beings through training, the powerful Fusion Technique (not the techno dubclub duo). When the fusion technique is undertaken by two platonic men, it is a beautiful and manly thing.

Pheromone manipulation[]

Wallflower;[60] Crimson Fox;[61]

Ability to generate and control pheromones which may have various effects. People with this power often full under the category of "Creeps". It may result in Instant Sexual Arousal.

Poison Toxin generation[]

Cobra;[62] Poison Ivy;[63] Maya Herrera

Ability to assault others with one or more varieties of toxins, with widely disparate effects. Technically, unless they are injecting it in you or some shit, they are actually releasing toxins. Snake or spider bites or scorpion stings injecting you are poisons, secretions or generation of chemicals that get on your are toxins. I'll shut up now.

Prehensile/animated hair[]

Medusa; Spider Girl[64]

Ability to animate and lengthen one's hair. There are many other body parts that could have their own 'Prehensile' powers, but we won't have room for all that. We refer, of course, to fingers.


Cellular Adaptation to Stress

Reactive adaptation/evolution[]

Lifeguard;[65] Doomsday

Ability to develop a resistance or immunity to whatever they were injured by or exposed to. This effect can be permanent or temporary. Many Awesomes born with this power are not also born with Immortality, and thus die before learning how to use it. Unless some mad scientist keeps bringing them back for his own sick amusement, that is.

Self-detonation or explosion[]

Nitro;[66] Damage[67]

Ability to explode one's body mass. This trick can usually only be performed once.

Sonic scream[]

Banshee;[68] Black Canary[69]

Ability to generate vocal sounds of a higher amplitude than a normal human. They really fuck with those with that Echolocation power up there.

Superhuman breath[]

Awesome Android;[70] Superman;[71] Kirby

Ability to inhale/exhale with superhumanly powerful strength. This can range from exhalation on par with gale force winds to inhalation on par with the power of a gravitational vortex. In some cases, freezing temperatures can also be achieved. People who have unhumanly awful breath or who can hold their breath for ungodly lengths of time can also be included on this list, but we'd prefer not to.

Superhuman durability[]

Luke Cage;[72] Solomon Grundy;[73] Tick;[74] Yasutora Sado

Ability to have a higher resistance to one or more forms of damage before being injured. If you don't have at least some teensy bit of this power in addition to any others, you have no business calling yourself an Awesome.

Superhuman reflexes[]

Blade; Midnighter; Son Gohan[75]

Ability to react faster than a normal human, even when stoned. Spider-reflexes do not count, because I have smashed hundreds of spiders who were not able to react quickly enough.

Superhuman senses[]

Beast;[76] Icon; Tarzan;

Ability to see , smell, taste , feel and/or hear more than a FUCKING NORM. In an example of naturally-occurring irony, the most rare of all senses (thus making it superhuman amidst a sea of norms) is "common sense". 

Superhuman Orgasms[]

A super-powered version of normal human ability or capacity of orgasms, either in frequency or intensity.

Superhuman Clapping[]

A super-powered version of normal human ability of clapping, either in frequency or intensity.

Superhuman Hiccups[]

A super-powered version of normal human ability of hiccuping, either in frequency or intensity.

Superhuman Sneezing[]

A super-powered version of normal human ability of sneezing, either in frequency or intensity.

Superhuman strength[]


Egyptian "Hulk" Claims God Gave Him Strength of 30,000 Men, 260 Horsepower-0

Hulk;[77Blok;[78Mister Majestic;[79Sayyed Muhammad Ahmad Abdallah;[80Niki Sanders

Ability to have a level of physical strength much higher than normally possible given their proportions.

Superhuman Jumping[]

Using strength of calf muscles or some other means, making incredible leaps in a single bound. An upgrade to the normal ability to Jump, Jump.

Superhuman Fear[]

The ability to be easily scared and/or scared of everything. Not really ideal for combat or stealth situations.

Superhuman Writing[]

Ghost Writer; Hunter S Thompson;

A super-powered version of normal human writing, it can be impressive due to its speed, versatility, impact, persuasiveness, or creativity. Any other super-power that is controlled primarily by writing.

Superhuman Shirt Folding[]

A super-powered version of normal human activity of shirt folding, either in frequency or intensity.

Superhuman vision[]

Superman; Doctor Nemesis[81]

Ability to see better than normally possible. This does not count if you are using binoculars or a microscope or something.


Alien Hybrid Or Starchild Discovered In China? 2012

Night vision

Owl;[82] Doctor Mid-Nite[83]

Night vision

Ability to see clearly in darkness.

X-ray vision[]

Peepers; Ariella Kent

X-ray vision

Ability to see through solid matter.

Telescopic or microscopic vision[]

Hyperion; Lar Gand[84]

Ability to magnify vision to various levels.



Monkey man

Jyoti Raju; Spider-Man; Knuckles the Echidna[85]

Ability to adhere to solid surfaces.


Namor; Aquaman[86]

Water breathing

Liquid breathing

Ability to respirate through water in lieu of a gaseous medium. Not to be confused with an ability to go without breathing or to be able to breathe an alternative air supply.

Mentality-based abilities[]



See also

Ecological empathy[]

Storm; Swamp Thing[87]

The ability to sense the overall well-being and conditions of one's immediate environment and natural setting stemming from a psychic sensitivity to nature.

Innate capability[]

Forge; Sylar

Ability to naturally have skills and/or knowledge typically earned through learning.


Cypher; Wonder Woman; Glorificus

Ability to understand any form of language, a natural polyglot. This can be accomplished in various ways. We're not going to tell you any of them.


Horse Whisperer; Doctor Doolittle; Richard Gere

Also known as "Communing with Animals" or "Faunal Communion", the ability to talk to and understand animals (i.e., Aquatic Life Communion, Microbial Communion, or how bears can always be "bear-whispered").


Infinity; Mageddon;[88] Living Tribunal


Ability to know anything and everything, or "all-sciences". These people are very tiring to be around. This is theoretically impossible, since the Omniverse is in a constant state of spawning new Omniverses that are still part of the Omniverse, but if you say this to an Omniscient, they will reply "I knew you might say that."


Abnormal and unnatural movements, behaviors, emotions, perceptions, and dreams that occur while falling asleep, sleeping, between sleep stages, or during arousal from sleep.

Superhuman intelligence[]

Leader; Brainiac[89] Steve Jobs

Intelligence far above that of a genius level.


Imagination can be fun! But fun can be dangerous!

Superhuman tracking[]

| class="td22" valign="middle"| Dawnstar;[90] Molly Walker[91] | class="td27" valign="middle"| |- | class="td7" colspan="3" valign="middle"| Ability to track an individual or object through supernatural means; sometimes referred to as "pathfinding" or "using a GPS." |}


500a51312c6d3164f653f629926a3ad0-7-mildly-convenient-mutant-powers (2).jpg

Main article: Extrasensory perception

See also: Psychic

The abilities of extra-sensory perception (ESP) and communication.



See also

Astral projection[]

Rachel Summers; Rose Wilson; Prue Halliwell; Emma Frost

Astral projection

Also known as astral travel, this is the ability to separate and control one's astral body.

Mental projection[]

Morpheus; Ichigo Kurosaki; The Sentry

Mental projection

Ability to project one's consciousness/psyche/emotions into the astral plane, into another, or to make things get real.

Cross-dimensional awareness[]

Deadpool; Ambush Bug

Ability to detect actions and events in other dimensions. This is occasionally manifested as an awareness of the fourth wall between the characters and the artist or audience's dimension, and may make that individual appear to be a Lunatic.


683575ac70d517843787cefed3f6b2d6 1 (5).jpg

Empath; Raven;[92] Belldandy;[93] Will Vandom


Ability to read or sense the emotions and/or control the emotions or feelings of others. I once had a girlfriend who did both. Definitely an Evil Awesome.


Wicked; Melinda Gordon; Miles Straume

Ability to see and communicate with the dead (i.e., ghosts).


Ability to read your future using onion.


Destiny;[94] Nura Nal; Phoebe Halliwell;[95] Angela Petrelli




Ability to perceive the future. It may be expressed in vague dreams while asleep, other times it can be clear and can occur at will. It may also be used as a form of "danger sense" to show the user that they are being threatened and from what direction it is coming from.


Adrienne Frost; Jack Hawksmoor; Tuxedo Mask[96]

Psychometry (paranormal)

Ability to relate details about the past or future condition of an object or location, usually by being in close contact with it.


Exodus;[97] Saturn Girl; Piccolo[98][99][100]


Ability to read the thoughts of, or to mentally communicate with others.

Physical or mental domination[]



See also

Astral trapping[]

Shadow King

Ability to cause an astral projection to stay on the astral plane, usually in one specific place. Without fail, the villain attempting to do this will end up being trapped themselves.

Memory manipulation[]

Professor X; Zatanna; Haitian

Ability to erase or enhance the memories of another.

Mind control[]

Karma; Universo;[101] Lelouch Lamperouge;[102] Matt Parkman

The ability to alter the perceptions of others, and general ability to control the actions of others with the mind.


Nocturne; Jericho;[103] Orochimaru;[104][105][106][107] Danny Phantom; Anyone entering the door to John Malkovich

Spirit possession

Ability to take control and inhabit the body of an individual.

Psionic blast[]

Psylocke; Psimon[108]

Ability to overload another's mind causing pain, memory loss, lack of consciousness, vegetative state or death after having created a psionic link into that individual's mind.

Psychic weapons[]

Danielle Moonstar; Wild Thing

Ability to create a weapon of psychic energy that can harm mentally and not physically.

Physics or reality manipulation[]

These powers may be manifested by various methods, including: by some method of molecular control; by access to, or partially or fully shifting to another dimension; by manipulating the geometric dimensions of time or space; or by some other lame method.



See also


Selene; Ozymandias; Giorno Giovana

Ability to bring inanimate objects to life or to free an individual from petrification.

Darkness or shadow manipulation[]

Black Death; Shade;[109] Wraith; Shikamaru Nara[110]

Ability to create or manipulate the DARK, often by mentally accessing a dimension of dark energy (the Darkforce dimension in Marvel Comics, and the Shadowlands in DC Comics) and manipulating it.

Density control[]

Vision; Martian Manhunter

Ability to increase or decrease the natural density of an object and/or one's self.


Wither; Plasmus[111]

Ability to disintegrate matter through touch or through beams.

Elemental transmutation[]

Alchemy;[112] Metamorpho;[113] Edward Elric[114]


The ability to alter chemical elements, changing them from one substance to another by rearranging the atomic structure. May be limited to self-transmutation.

Gravity manipulation[]

Alex Power;[115] Geo-Force[116]

Ability to manipulate or generate gravitons, or other types of gravitational interactions. It's science.


Mephisto; Vandal Savage;[117] Adam Monroe;[118][119] Alucard;[120]


Ability to live forever. This may be complete immortality encompassing invulnerability, partial invulnerability to all but specific events (i.e., decapitation or exposure to a specific chemical such as kryptonite), or simply an inability to age normally.

Intangibility or "phasing"[]

Kitty Pryde; Phantom Girl;[121] D. L. Hawkins

Ability to phase through solid matter without harm. This makes sex even more awkward.

Light manipulation[]

Northstar; Doctor Light;[83] Angelus

Ability to control, generate or absorb light particles.

Magnetism manipulation[]

Magneto; Doctor Polaris[122]

Ability to control and/or generate magnetic fields.

Mass manipulation[]

Harry Leland; Thom Kallor[123]

Ability to increase or decrease mass in an object.

Microwave manipulation[]



The ability to convert ambient electromagnetic energy into microwaves and manipulate it into various effects such as heat, light, and radiation.

Molecular manipulation[]

Apocalypse;[124] Firestorm;[125] Solar; Piper Halliwell

Ability to mentally manipulate the molecules of objects and/or one's self on a molecular level.

Probability manipulation[]

Longshot; Calamity King


Ability to alter probability, causing unlikely things to happen or likely things not to happen.

Radiation manipulation[]

X-Ray; Captain Atom

Ability to generate, manipulate or have immunity to toxic radiation.

Reality warping[]

Franklin Richards; Mister Mxyzptlk

Reality warping

Ability to change or manipulate reality itself.


Immortal Man; Resurrection Man;[126] The Doctor

Ability to come back to life after being killed.

Sound manipulation[]

Klaw; Fiddler

Ability to manipulate sound.


Mercury Hz

Time manipulation[]

Tempo; Zoom; Hiro Nakamura; Dio Brando;

Ability to affect the flow of time by slowing, accelerating, reversing, or stopping it.

Elemental, weather and environmental powers[]

See also: Classical element

Ability to control or manipulate the elements.



See also

Air and wind manipulation[]

Wind Dancer; Red Tornado;[127] Aang

Ability to control, generate, or absorb air or wind.

Cold and ice manipulation[]

Iceman; Killer Frost; Tōshirō Hitsugaya;[128] Frozone

Ability to reduce the kinetic energy of atoms and thus reduce temperature, can be used to control, generate, or absorb ice.

Earth manipulation[]

Petra; Sandy Hawkins; Gaara;[129][130] Toph Bei Fong

Ability to control earth; sand, stone, rock, lava, dirt, or other minerals.

Electric manipulation[]

Electro;[131] Black Lightning; Sailor Jupiter;[132] Elle Bishop

Ability to control, generate or absorb electric fields.

Smoke manipulation[]

Ability to control, generate or absorb Smoke. Though this will take years off of your life (unless you also have Immortality and Immune Powers, this Power Up grants extra coolness and sexiness. Many practiced users can even turn the smoke into shapes, blow the smoke as cover or as a weapon, turn into a smoke form, become one with the smoke, and quit any time they want. Where there's smoke manipulation, there's usually...

Fire and heat manipulation[]

Pyro; Fire;[133] Sailor Mars;[134] Azula


Ability to control the kinetic energy of atoms to generate, control or absorb fire. Some beings may actually require fire to breathe


[133];Milk Man; Bryan;

Ability to control the kinetic energy of atoms to generate, control or absorb milk.

Oreo Powers[]

Ability to control, spontaneously generate, trasmute, or communicate with Oreos.

Plant manipulation[]

Klara Prast;[135][136] Floronic Man;[137] Briar Moss;Poison Ivy

Ability to control, manipulate or animate plant life.

Animal manipulation[]

Ability to manipulate animals. It's something Creeps do, such as Aquaman and is Aquatic Life Manipulation.

Water and moisture manipulation[]

Garth;[138] Sailor Mercury;[139] Katara[140]

Ability to control, generate or absorb water.

Weather manipulation[]

Thor; Weather Wizard;[141] Sarah Rainmaker; Trisana Chandler;Storm

Weather control

Ability to control or mentally affect the weather. This includes the ability to generate various natural phenomena (rain, tornadoes, lightning, ocean currents, etc.) or control the intensity of the weather.


Ability to control or mentally affect chairs, ranging anywhere from completely restructuring their molecular orientation down to simply arranging chairs just by touching them.

Social Justice Powers[]

See also: Injustice

Ability to be aware of, give a shit about, and ultimately do something about, social injustices rampantly propagated by the system.



See also


bell hooks; Margaret Sloan-Hunter; Linda Bellos; Red Tornado;[127] Aang

Ability to see all genders as equal.

Not Being a Bigot[]

The basic expectation of existing as a decent human being, it is only exceptional as a super-power because it seems to be incredibly rare.


An immunity to corrupting outside forces, such as money in politics, bribery, or sexbots. One of the rarest super-powers in the galaxy.

Energy manipulation[]

These powers deal with energy generation, conversion and manipulation. In addition to generic energy, versions of these powers exist that deal with such things as light energy, sound energy, electrical energy, nuclear energy, and the DARK dimension.



See also

Concussion beams[]

Cyclops; Gunfire[142]

Ability to generate or transform various forms of energy into a "solid" or concussive beam of energy .

Energy blasts[]

Havok; Starfire;[143] Vegeta

Ability to expel various forms of energy from the body. This can also be done with radical alternative medicine.

Energy constructs[]

Cerise; Jade; Uryū Ishida

Ability to create complex shapes (such as giant boxing gloves or cages) or even functional machinery (such as fire extinguishers or laser rifles) out of solid energy.

Energy conversion[]

Dazzler; Wildfire

Ability to absorb one form of energy and convert it into another form of energy.

Force field generation[]

Unus the Untouchable; Argent;[144] Orihime Inoue;[145] Wyatt Halliwell; Violet Parr

Force field

Ability to project powerful fields of manipulated energy. This should not be confused with The Force, with its own range of Special Attacks and Abilities such as Force Push and Force Choke.

Transportation or travel[]



See also

Electrical transportation[]

Electro; Atom;[146] Livewire[147]

Ability to travel through electrical conduits (such as power lines or telephone lines). Can enter through devices such as televisions, electrical poles or computers.


Universe Man; Living Tribunal

Ability to be present anywhere and everywhere simultaneously.

Portal creation[]

Spot; Gates[148]

Portal (fiction)

Ability to create wormholes, portation "discs" or other spatial portals for transport between two non-adjacent locations.


Magik; Kid Eternity[149] Jiraiya[150][151]



Magic satchel

Ability to summon beings or objects for assistance. This may range from invoking simple implements to mighty familiar spirits.

Superhuman speed[]

Quicksilver;[152] Flash;[153] Seta Sōjirō;[154] Sonic the Hedgehog;[155][156][157]

Speedster (fiction)


Ability to move at speeds much faster than a normal human... or hedgehog. It may also only be certain body parts or tasks that can be done super fast, such as Fast-Talking.


Video Emocionante Extraterrestre?


Nightcrawler; Misfit;[158] Son Goku;[159] Void


Ability to move from one place to another without occupying the space in between.

Time travel[]

Trevor Fitzroy; Time Trapper;[160] Hiro Nakamura

Time travel

Ability to travel back or forth through time.


Main article: Flight

See also: Gliding, Levitation, and Transvection (flying)

Ability to lift off the ground, to ride air currents or to fly self-propelled through the air. Sometimes called Air Surfing

Energy propulsion[]



Cosmic energy control[]


Energy aura projection[]

Sunfire; Halo

Gravitational manipulation[]


Magnetic levitation[]

Polaris; Static


Powdered Toast Man

Molecular manipulation[]

Kitty Pryde, Dead Girl; Doctor Manhattan[161]

Sonic repulsion field[]

Banshee; Tyroc

Telekinetic power[]

Vance Astrovik; Sapphire

Thermo-chemical energy[]

Cannonball; Jetstream

Physical propulsion[]



Insectoid form[]

Wasp; Insect Queen[162]

Wind current control[]

Cyclone; Red Tornado


Warren Worthington III; Northwind;[163] Rouge the Bat

Magic (Illusion)[]

Mastermind; Manchester Black;[164] Sasuke Uchiha[165]

Ability to alter or deceive the perceptions of another. Can be sensory, a light or sound-based effect, or an alteration of mental perceptions.


Main article: Shapeshifting

Ability to change appearance or body structure.




Snowbird; Beast Boy;[166] Jake Berenson; Jacob Black

Ability to take on animal forms. May be able to take on the abilities of the altered form.


Mister Fantastic;[46] Plastic Man;[167] Monkey D. Luffy;[168]

Ability to stretch, deform, expand or contract one's body into any form imaginable.


Colossus; Ferro Lad[169]

Ability to transform completely into an inorganic substance while retaining organic properties.


Hydro-Man; Inque; T-1000; Tracy Strauss

Ability to turn partially or completely into a liquid.


Henry Pym; Giganta;[116] Garganta; Maya Natsume[170]

Ability to increase or decrease one's size.


Amelia Voght; Count Dracula

Ability to transform into a gaseous, mist, or fog-like form.

Substance mimicry[]

Absorbing Man; Amazing-Man[171]

Ability to transform into any substance touched.


683575ac70d517843787cefed3f6b2d6 1 (2).jpg

The ability to change gender, usually at will, but sometimes not, which is pretty funny, you guys.

[166] Curtus;


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