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Sackimals are creatures found around the world who are all awesomes and are capable of performing various abilities . 

The word Sackimal derives from two concepts: They are animals that can be caught and put in a sack. 

Sackimal Taming[]

See Also: Sackimal Tamer

People known as Sackimal Tamers go out to catch Sackimals and put them in their sacks for later use. Sackimal Tamers train their Sackimals to fight in what is known as a Sackimal Fight . 

Most Sackimal Tamers start at a young age with a small Sackimal Sack and an already trained beginner's sackimal. They travel throughout the world to catch feral Sackimals to add to their collections. Through intense training , they improve their Sackimals, causing them to learn new abilities and improving their relationships. 

As a result of this, most tamers become well versed in wilderness survival, travel, outdoor cooking, barbeque, and battling; the best tamers inadvertently becoming awesomes themselves, just like Great Sackimal Tamer Cash Mustard


There are many types of sackimals, the key difference between them and a normal animal is their ability to perform abilities, while most animals only know how to be assholes. They come in a large assortment of main-types and sub-types and sub-sub-categories. Most sackimals are a mixture of the different main types and sprinklings of subtypes. Each sackimal has different habitats and biology, their habits largely vary and not all Sackimals have been identified. Data about the Sackimals is collected by use of Sackipedia s


Poké-King-of-the-Mon-Hill El-Cid

The main types of Sackimals are:[]

Biped - Bipedal Sackimals stand on 2 legs and have 0 or more arms. These are not as common as Quadripedal Sackimals, but they can be found in all places.

Subtypes: Fist Puncher, Foot Kicker, T-Rex, Skeleton, Sexually Ambiguous, Clown

Quadriped - Quadripedal Sackimals stand on 4 legs and may or may not have other limbs. They are more traditional animal type sackimals and come in a variety of subtypes.

Subtypes: Biter, Clawer, Fanger, Dinosaur, Squirter

Flying - Flying Sackimals can fly, duh. 

Subtypes: Birdy, Ghost, Superman, Gas, Launcher, Magnet

Elemental - Elemental Sackimals come in a variety of sub-types based on the table of elements, they have the largest variety of attacks.

Gay - Sackimals that have evolved the ability to have sex with members of its own gender

Subtypes: Flamer, Water, Metal, Stone, Windy, Phosphorous, Innert, Electricity

Plant - Plant Sackimals are active forms of Plants. They have a lot of weird attacks and you should probably just stay away from these

Subtypes: Eater, Vine, Leaf, Fruit, Weed 420

Liquid - Liquid Sackimals either come from a body of water or have some weird shit they do with water. Seriously, it's fucking weird

Subtypes: Squirter, Fishy, Fuel, Corrosive, Volatile, Icer

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