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for POWERS, see that section, you cock glove.

Relic Weapons of PowerEdit

There are a number of powerful ancient or new relics that are existing in teh world of teh Revengersits.

Sword of the Dark - A powerful sword that was created by a stone that appeared after a Dimension Door Rip occurred with the Queen of the Dark and the spectral realm.

Megafist - is a cosmic glove with lots of power gems that do and control different things and a lot of people fought over it and a lot of them died but they all got broughten back when all was said and done. Use of the Megafist by various heroes and villains is refered to as 'Megafisting.'

Alien Clothes - ALL alien clothes grant special powers. Sometimes this comes at a terrible or ironic price, which is probably because fashionable clothes are trendy first and less practical. Some increase agility, strength, ferocity, or flying. Other make you invincible for periods of time, or change appearance at the mind's thought, or have cool digital things or military enhancements. 

Galvanized Sword of Super Strength - 

Instant Shrimp Frying Gun

Creative Weapons of the Medieval Era

Creative Weapons of the Medieval Era

Conventional WeaponsEdit

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Can be anything from a boring tame-ass firearm to an indomitable katana blade. Various microwave weapons are also conventional household items, ranging up to and including nuclear bomb. More futuristic weapons might include lightsabers, whereas old-timey heroes may want to consider carrying a Punt Gun or Le Petit Protector.


Hi Tech WaponsEdit

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otherwise known as SCI-FI WAEPONS

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