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The Catkind were a species of humanoid felines that originated in Space but soon spread across the 12 Galaxies


Physical appearance[]

Catkind had some similarity to the non-humanoid cats of Earth, though they were closer to the size of a human. They had fur in a variety of lengths and colours, including brown, black and tabby stripes. They also had retractable claws which they could use for defence. However, though physically similar to Earth felines, they were different in internal anatomy.

Life cycle[]

Catkind reproduced in their teenage years, and often had litters of several kittens. They could also reproduce with humans. The offspring would look just like kittens of conventional Earth house cats, though capable of speech.

These kits of the royal blood are tended to on human by either their pathetic human fathers, or in the likely event of deadbeat fathers, by a kindly old Cat Lady.

A space Empire of Cats is currently led by the Alien Cat Queen who mates with humans to assert her dominance