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The Ceiling God is just that: the god of ceilings. He resides in ceilings found throughout various art schools in the United States of America.

He torments heroes and villains alike who are unfortunate enough to stumble upon his lair of wherever he happens to be at the time with taunts and general bad language and props himself above them telling them his powers are greater than they. Then he rains Zebra Cakes upon his foes and friends, confusing them, which usually causes them to leave.


The Ceiling God uses his vast power of Zebra Cakes to taunt and confuse his foes. With it he drops a plentitude of the cakes upon his enemies' heads, annoying them, boring them away, and quite possibly giving them diabeetus if they are foolish enough to eat the delicious pastries by Little Debbie . Boy, that girl sure knows how to make a cake.

He has a number of other powers, such as taunting incessantly and being a god of ceilings. In Revengerists issue #3738 he was shown to display the power to project his eyes upon the walls using ceiling projectors. He even fucked with the Green Lantern once.