and that's why I saw the president and his chief of staff working at the laundry but he was the shortest president we ever had in office because they chainsawed his fucking head off, and his secretary of defense or secretary of war or whatever but his secretary was trying to go to war so she got her head chainsawed the fuck off, and the Revengerists wanted to stop it even though they never saved the president even once because his head was fucking chainsawed and I have a chainsaw and they don't think I know where their secret base is but I know all of their secrets and I'm carrying around a little chainsaw in my backback and the president thought he was safe but then I chainsawed his head right the fuck off and look, mr. television, you may think that he would get away with murder but I wasn't about to let that happen and so once they all showed up I chainsawed their heads off, right off their fucking bodies, but that didn't stop them, nothing could ever stop them, so I'm just chainsawing away for all of eternity, and all of the chiefs of staff and the cabinet and the shadow government and other postal employees and the guy who told me to get off the bus or out of the store for threatening to chainsaw the other patrons, they all get their heads chainsawed off but only if they are guilty because my family was killed in a horrible chainsaw accident that I had to watch because I chainsawed their fucking heads off.

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