Collection getting is a super power that many people have, making it less powrful overall. It is a maddeningly more advanced form of the everyday ability of 'Getting', which itself can be considered advanced if refined enough. Collection getters are insufferable boring nerds, obsessed fanatics, or even creepy weirdos. They range from people like Chip Kidd to Ed Gein. In it's most extreme and dangerous form, Collection Get is known as 'Hoarding'.


The New York Post recently spent a workday with Eliel Santos, a New York City resident who spends his days fishing valuables out of sidewalk drains around the city. Over his 8 year sidewalk fishing career he has devised a number of specialized lures to pick up different types of valuables: he uses fish hooks to pick up cash, and mousetrap glue for larger objects. On a good day he can collect $150 in cash and valuables (which he pawns). His best catch ever was a $1,800 ring.

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