In the latter half of the Noxin administration (not to be confused with Richard M. Nixon), John J. Bob, 

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Only known photo of Captain JJ Bob before the incident.

Admiral of the Untied States Navy and tinkerer of chemistry sets, accidentally blew up his laboratory

Admiral John J. Bob moment of explosion. June 6th, 1947


farting too close to a bunsen burner. The accident had left him so horribly scarred that he became a recluse. He recovered but smells like burnt hotdag water. As an unacting admiral, JJ Bob devoted himself more to a long passion of his technology research.

JJ, worked for Durkett's Resarch Center as Director of Resarch and Developement. A design came across his desk in September of '58. Two men in dark suits told him he must have it completd within three years. Unlimited resources and funds where garanteed by an anonynonyonomous gubment intern. During the construction of the the Afternoon Delight rocket program his sanity came into question.

No longer able to tolarate Earth's talking chimps without pissing himself in agner, he bang zoomed to the moon™ where he created, stationed, and became sole propriertor of the Revengerist spacebase, one of many futurist hollowed out moon cores, and the various satelites and beams and warships that he and Harbjar can create and use in various time streams.

Because of the Tunguska (not Tuskeegee) blast he had back in the old times, he used time travel to meet the Revengerists in the future and thus join the team in the past. This historic comic no longer exists, unfortanately and only is remembered and fin factioned. Due to all his smarts, secrecy of orgin, and machines, he is clearly the most powerfull Revengerist in all the Revengerists. He is responsible for many inventions, some too horrible to be mentioned here, but others include the Electromagnetic Michael McDonald Pulse Bomb, and a modernized version of a Punt Gun. He himself carries a modified Le Petit Protector at all times and is often seen using a Stove Backpack for convenience.

Commodore Bob is an avid grammophone collector. Here are some of his favorite records
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