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Corvids are super-intelligent Awesome birds native to planet Earth. They can become great allies of mankind, or bitter rivals, but luckily for you, they take the individual into consideration and do not lump all of mankind together with the very worst of them. Although, not all corvids do this.


Ravens and crows - the most intelligent birds in the world (animal documentary in HD)

Darwin said that the fittest would survive, meaning the most adaptable. They are indeed adaptable, adapting to nearly every area of the world, utilizing intelligence and tools in their environment to succeed where other animals cannot.

They exhibit traits such as loyalty, but even vengeance.


Intelligent Birds - Smart Things I've Witnessed Members of The Corvid Family Doing

These former dinosaurs truly became a higher evolutionary form without as many mutant drawbacks as other birds.


Crow unties the laces and tries to steal the pan (Хитрая ворона и сковородка)

Flocks of corvids often serve the castles of royalty; kings, queens, empires, even long after they have since moved on.

They solve puzzles with up to 8 steps, more than most human beings can.


Caw vs. Croak- Inside the Calls of Crows and Ravens

Though many animals have evolved enough intelligence to figure out how to steal your food, only Corvids can arrange an Ocean's Eleven-esque operation to get your brown sack lunch. Crows at the University of Montana spent hours haranguing local neighborhood dogs into chasing them all the way to campus, where they led them to knock lunches from the hands of surprised students.


Crows at University of Washington, Bothell

Corvids can form mobs in an attempted murder, but flocks can join larger flocks for extended family reunions, or to really fuck more shit up.


Are crows the ultimate problem solvers? - Inside the Animal Mind- Episode 2 - BBC Two


Are Crows the Ultimate Problem Solvers? - Inside the Animal Mind - BBC Earth


In addition to their considerable intelligence, corvids also work as messengers, thieves and super spies.

They have a throat pouch to store important items and food, but also shinies.

A highly mutated form of Corvids is known as the Three-Eyed Raven, which is a corvid with omniscient powers that won't really matter much in the end.


The Raven- Stealing, Spying and Bluffing - Extraordinary Animals - BBC Earth

Oh, and they can talk. Sometimes birds will just up and talk to you. So watch out for that.


Fable the Raven - Did you know Ravens can talk?!



Crows Mobbing a Red Tail hawk

Corvids are Awesome Animals who are most likely to become Revengerists. Unlike Evil Awesomes like sharks, that just want to kill, corvids usually have some important emotional or functional reason for their malice. It may not be a good reason upon retrospection, but humans are hardly in any capacity to judge corvids in this area. But if you come into their territory and you're a creepy predator, you better know they're not going to fuck around.

They have excellent recognition of human faces and will attack those who have abused them, or return or defend those who have treated them nicely (by giving treats). They can even remember after years of absence.



Crowboarding- Russian roof-surfin' bird caught on tape


Bird Photobombs Meteorologist