Space Deep Cosby

Planet Cosby and its three moons. Theo, Rudy, and Puddin' Pop.

Cosbiuim is a volatile coupond mineral from the planet Cosby in The Revengerists comic book Omniverse.

The Revengerists once had to deal with a bombardment of Cosbium-14 in their Revengerist coupond.

Cosbium comes in many isotopes from Cosbium-11 to Cosbium-28 to that mysterious Red-Cosbium that never has the same effects twice and leaves an unsettling 'tingling' sensation. The deadly and crotchety Cosbium-14 transforms every thing and person it touches into Bill Cosby, the second greatest concentration of this being the planet Cosby, the greatest being Bill Cosby himself. It is feared that it will fall into the wrong hands, such as the evil Wanda Sykes. Y'see.


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Contact with Cosbium is vrry dangerous and the user will start t notice cravings for JELL-O, increased blubilblabity, bippinandaboppin, a hightened awareness of all Cosby related things and interests, and a guablaaaaahuuuuuuuuuu. No one knows why it does this, the origin of Cosbium concentrate Planet Cosby, or its connection if any to Earth's Bill Cosby.

Eventually victims will find themselves in sweaters and will find themsleves permamently be transformed into a Cosby. those who are transformed by Cosbium are known as Coslings, or Cosby Kids.

Some Awesomes, such as Dr. Tasty, are easily vaccinated due to their blood being cosmic energy or some shit. Others like South and North Side Santa are mythical beings and therefore immune. If all Cosbium particles are removed from the environ and hlurded into the sun, then all problems should cease.

The act of Cosbium transformation is known as Cosbification, Dropping Off By the Pool, or Cosgaugauheuuhheuuhhuehhy'see?


on a faroff distant moon of a dark star in space, the Revengerist Odd Jog first discovered a planet while flying in the Revengersist SpaceJet looking for a place to take his (possibly world-ending) whiskey shits. He saw that it had been reduced to gooblglobbobbubhuhuism, and destroyed the entire moon with one heavy MegaPunch without asking any questions. At that point in time he was safe... for now.

years later, when the Revengerist POST-PENULTIMATE EXIGENCY CRISIS (around 1997, according to gov. sources) resulted in the heroes having state-approved myspace accounts, the compound was bombareded by space Cosbium, with charaters like even Breshvic infected due to a lapse in security judgement. With the quick vaccination and thinking of Dr. Tasty's blood, and the immunity of North Side Santa, they were able to dispose of the volatile substance. everyone was cured and saved, and a few bits were saved in Commodore Bob's laboratory for further study and supercollision. they had already known about it before they had to know about it when it came around and found out about it y'see.

Cosby Bebop

Cosby Bebop

Commodore Bob contaned the Cosbium in a HYPERGIF CONTANEMENT FIELD

later investication revealed taht the bombardment was either an innocent metroid from space or the devilish plans of Wanda Sykes, as revenge against the Revengerists and to make Bill Cosby look bad due to their many battles in the past.

The Cosbium CrisisEdit

Main Article: The Cosbium Crisis

Deep in the Delta Universe on date 1.34.toothdecay.6744 a traveling meteor containing infectious Cosbium 14.8 and deadly Cosbium 21 came undetected into the Sector Syk, crashing into a mining facility and infecting the thermal generator with Cosbium. From there the generator produced Cosbium rays and infected the entire Galaxy. This infection spread throughout the Multi-Universe and was stopped in the nick of time by a last ditch alliance of Multiversal Awesomes.

Dr. Tasty's Rules for Handling or Incountering CosmiumEdit

  • Resist the urge to convert your weapons into spoons full of jello puddin.
  • Do not enjoy a delicious jello puddin' pop instead of some generic pop.
  • Do not listen to the Cosby when he tells you that your favorite game is just some guy with the face that comes out and belagh ulagh lagh lagh.
  • No bakes are baked.
  • Stay away from "the jazz".
  • Theo
  • The game "Shrek: Ogres and Dronkeys" outsold "Enemy Territory: Quake Wars"
  • If you can imitate Bill Cosby better than Bill Cosby can imitate himself, then you may stand a chance against this plague.
Pokemon Cosby Version

Pokemon Cosby Version

Revengerist scienticians have revealed that there is another way to treat Cosbifection, and that is to go to the start menu and enter the cheat code X+Y+triangle+L+LB+LT+LR+Lstick+L(d+pad)+LDS+X+B+(simultaneous)UP+DOWN(d+pad)+circle+square+select+start. Proper entry of this code will not result in any sound or indication that it was correct, but theoretically will make anyone immuned.

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