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using a Dimension Door Rip

The Cosmic Tricksta is a shadow being who is responsible for much of the minor chaos and ironic synchronicity that plagues our dimension. It is special amongst Shadow Peoples in that it has incredible power above them to affect other realms at will, including ours. Luckily, like most of its kind, it is mostly harmless, choosing to be mischievous and playful with the lives of mortals instead of malicious, though it may appear that way sometimes to our feeble minds.

It is responsible for lost items including socks, a friend calling you when you were just thinking about them, that thing you were looking for appearing even though you swear you just looked there a second ago, when none of the housemates ate your food but somebody did, how you never have your keys on you, when you walk into another room and forget why, when you have some name or fact on the tip of your tongue but for the life of you cannot remember it now making you look stupid, and those minor miscommunications or errors in judgement that result in fights, social awkwardness, arguments, or spousal disagreements.

The Cosmik Tricksta is like many other ancient trickster dieties, who delight in the discomfort and befuddling of lesser beings.