"he's more bear than man now..." Obi Wan Kenobi

CyBear[edit | edit source]

CyBear is an intellingetn bear man who enjoys the pastoral amish life. he hates electronics and his power is smashing electronics wioth his bear claw.

How the CyBear did Join Them[edit | edit source]

CyBear was joined the rRevengerist when acid rain from a ccoal power planet in Californa caused aced rain on his amish wilderness forest plains. The garss all died and so did Cybears friend so he decided to become revnegger.

CyBear's SKills
Bear clawn claws enemy with bear fury
open juice there isn't anything to open!
walk down hall which direction?

Further Informaton[edit | edit source]

\CyBear has once reffered to himself as "SciBear" when suffering from a mild case of PTSD as a result of the stress he had from all of the grass that was killed melted by the aced rain. SciBear was an alternate peersonality of CyBear and believed he was a scienttsist, but who also hated science. And technology. He would do all the same things as CuyBear but he would wear a lab coat and would pour jars of liquid on other jars. He shouted "science" when he slays foes.

CyBear also ondce had a similar moment where he called himself "SaBear" and believed he was a sword.

UPDATE :as of this writing CyBear has never once called himself "SideBear" like a sidearm or like the side of a bear. He is either CyBear, SciBear or SaBear or maybe other versions unknown yet.

Facts[edit | edit source]

CyBear is sort of a tribute to the Marvel Comics character The Cyborg Bear. The Cyborg Bear was a cybernetically enhanced bear that was infected with a cyborg virus and was brothers with Cable. He couidl shoot lasers and everyone was afraid of his. He fights Solid Snake several times in the Metal Gear franchise and is even referred to once as a Zanzibear.

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