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Docta Albutt Dubayuh Wahwee is da main antaguhn-an-an...bad guy for uh, who b- fights- i mean is a guy who is a dangerh to da wobutt hewo wu-meguhman. He's uh insane mad scierntist who desi-wuhnts ta take ova da a-entiyah wowld. He a-he makes ba-uh e- wobutts dat help him out. Meguhman beet aw of dem, but Docta Wahwee always escapes to come back a-to-a-another day.


That's a gud quershtun


Docta Wahwee went tah da Unuhvoisahtee of a-technahwagee wit Docta Laite, but dey d-didn't not uh, dey didn't get alahng and became bittuh rivals. While da too scientists made a lotta robutts and made g-big leaps in robuttics, it was just dat Docta Light was bettah just plain bettah at it. So Docta Wahwee was mayd and buiwt a big ol' robutt factaray and shet out to roil da woild. Aftuh Docta Light made a buncha robutts, Docta Wahwee stole em and convoited dem to uh to fo-his cauwse. Of coishe, w-Meguhman was aibul ta dafeet hem, howevah it wa-didn't ab-didn't stop him poimanentlee.

Docta Wahwee went on time and time again ta twick evuhreewun an attack da p-citishens of eoith.

Powahs an Abeliteish[]

Docta Wahwee seems ta have uh cou-a-unlimuhted wesoises somehow, as he can keep buildun robutts. Enuff dat he can get his hands on stra-weewd enuhgees to powuh dem. He is awso abul ta tri-a-uh muhnepuwate peopuh, even Docta Wight intuh doin hes biddin.

It goes withut sayun dat he is nevuh powaful enuff ta beat w-meguhman, but the quershtun is: cain he outlast us.