Ducks are humanoid intelligent avian mutants who have developed language, culture, adventures, friendships, and even vast fortunes by adopting the mannerisms of modern humans.

They have complex social and family structures, where all offspring are actually not born to any direct parents, but are in fact always somebody's nieces or nephews. This is especially confusing considering that Ducks have sex polifically in the wild, often raping each other with terrifying curly-cue penises and highly effective sperm. These ducks wear human-like clothing but usually with brighter coloration to attract mates, and never any pants to interfere with the fucking. An entire advanced civilization has sprung up, with metropolitan areas and incredible wealth helping to operate duck society. Crime exists, but so too does a crack police force, and even some highly-effective and Awesome vigilantes. Their level of scientific achievement is similar to our own, with a good number of inventions even surpassing our current level of understanding. Ducks occupy almost every profession, from sailor to helicopter-pilot, and have even gone into space. Ducks have served in every branch of the American armed forces, have acted in Hollywood features, started successful Orange Juice companies, and even dabbled in the dark arts.

Ducks can even fall victim to vampirism, though the last known member ended his family bloodline due to vegetarianism. This is a rare instance of Duck pacifism, as Ducks are a very ruthless species.

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The story of The Ugly Duckling is actually a bit misleading. In both their original evolutionary biological form and later duck society, any ducklings born too weak, unhealthy, abnormal or ugly are bashed until dead, to make way for more successful members of the species.

Duckmen have terrible tempers and vengeful wrath, and their system of law and punishment is quite brutal. Their police have specialized cybord officers who ferret out all crime and often mete out their own punishment. The cruel nature of their way of life may be attributed to the fact that Duck folk are descended from dinosaurs.

Mutated ducks often have rows of deadly teeth in unexpected places in their mouths, and on their face or bodies. 

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