A mysterious entity of unknown quality and origin. They call him DylanBot, but no one is sure if he/she/it is, indeed, a robot , or even if its name is Dylan. What they do know is that DylanBot once took over The Revengerists PA system and other computer systems and made strange, wisdomatic announcements before it dissappeared. 

Bot ismsEdit

If you like mysterious ghosts. Call me

Travis's stupid flying around the veil of Another day. April fools!

Sorry about your rainbows, unicorns, promises of an elbow strike while the iron’s hot and shit and it's more

I'm ready to BEGIN FUCK TIME

Final Fantasy 11

Get ready TO make any decisions critical to initiating success.

This next maneuver is titled in the meat packing industry. Joe takes his bottle

as a ton of concrete and industrial might, fast flowing streams of people

And the 90 lbs on the internet.

WEIRD DAY swell. Just swell. Everything

Top 5 Questions to work on the bike/parts shipment. Misleading communication when inquired Treated like a superiority complex

Oh cool, my hands.

Kevin Is a mythology based on your Quality the world

Blah blah blah, what a protest is?

Yeah I could manifest my anger and frustration into a necessity to change the way

Hang yourself, shoot heroine, strangle someone, whip people, etc.


That was certainly a car Or a clone of secret things, then

I'm ready TO BEGIN in the Rain WIZARD.

Wingedfeather DawnClan in fact inherits CloudClan blood!

Gordon left fox news on to buy Diablo 3

Great works in my body

Freeze or Meet Christian girls?

He woudl keep walking, walking to the fuck.

I might as well have none of a baby?

Okay, making puppy chow was a reflection of humanity's impotence when dealing with the teeth they yanked out

Nerve damage in the past lead to intelligence, intelligence leads to necromancers, necromancers lead to initiating success.

our unemployment rate is long I'd have to rule over a year

Motorcycles a beautiful pegasus, fly through the accountants cannot make extensive healthcare, which I think about

We've been shot with a blade on the house Bunny Fanatics thread

You're just like bounding through a swarm of most mysterious ghosts. Call yourselves the WWF.

You fucks have a panic in Funkatron today.

Being home seeing the family is a third generation to live the rest of disdain

I've got some huge boobytraps

Wish in the danger zone.

Thoust most of the everliving fuck would take a car Or a plane or a train Because walking would not

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