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Edward Goldenberg Robinson (Yiddish: עמנואל גאָלדנבערג Emanuel Goldenberg; December 12, 1893 – January 26, 1973)

The Edward G Robinson Gang were a group of criminally malcontented clones of deceased character actor Edward G Robinson, who was originally active in the years between 1913–73, most notoably during the 40's at the height of the film noir era.

Having taken on their progenitor's penchant for gangster roles, the team of five or six clones went on a crime spree, robbing post offices, convenience stores, at least one Dippin' Dots stand, and a major bank downtown. Despite their use of stolen advanced super-science technology, they were handily defeated by the Revengerists and subsequently frozen in a solid block of acid. Strangely, though it is unknown how they came into possession of said superweapons (indeed, how the clones came into existence at all), they were still no match for the adventuring super-team. Even on such a bad day full of arguing amongst themselves, The Revengerists got it together at the last possible moment to overcome these pitiful foes (indeed magically transferring the argument to their foes), finally rallying as the clone team had gone too far by accosting Revengerist teammate Commodore Bob who was helpless and defenseless. The Revengerists definitely came to the rescue and saved the pathetic Commodore Bob - this is all in the historical record of their Podcast archive.

The EGR Gang were notable not only for their ineptitude, stupidity, low-threat level and ease of vanquishing, but also their 1920's slang and temporal accent, ending most sentences with 'myeah' or 'nyah' or 'see?'.

The frozen block housing their infintessimally slowly deteriorating corpses is housed inside the Revengerists Relic Room, along with many other such macabre souvenirs.

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