El es grande.

El Cocco's origin story: "the Fists of La Cucaracha"

El Cocco is from 'the village' and is torn from his beloved sister when she was aborted in the womb. Orphaned shortly thereafter, his only trusted friend is a priest who betrays his trust, so he runs away and is raised by Los Lobos , (not the band), and is then trained by a blind martial artist, sharpshooter, swordsman, falconer, in the art of 'la Cucaracha.'

His arch-enemy, El Gary is the evil Clint-Eastwood-styled villain with little to no backstory, and a poorly overdubbed raspy voice, black hat, duster, sunglasses, vest, pocket watch.
In Albuquerque, Mexico, El Cocco is assisted by a rag-tag mariachi band, consisting of guitarist Marco, (whom everyone replies to with Polo), who wears an eye patch that switches eyes, and el kabongs the enemies, Guillermo el cantaro, who also wants revenge against El Chupacabra for the death of his mother, and the zany trumpet player. Also, a character who wants to play maracas for their band, but maracas are el gay. This young fellow, little do they know, had to pry those maracas from his father's dying hands and then finish him off with them. Mariachi band plays and thwarts a sniper in a belltower, who hits his head on the bell on his way down and land on the monk at the bottom.
The Sheriff of Mexico , (in whose mind has never been to Mexico), is a Roscoe P. Coltrane/Sheriff Buford T. Justice type character bribed into assisting evil El Gary, and carries an armadillo that drinks like a human who drinks like a fish named Travis el Amazing .

After living in This Great City in Middle America, El Cocco meets and teams up with the South Side Santa, and has many adventures, also fighting the evil May'r Luke Ravenstahl and Crazy Pants and others. He uses his versatile 'la Cucaracha' style to survive what appears to be certain death on numerous occasions.

Cocco's theme starts out dramatic wth Spanish guitar, then breaks into 'la cucaracha'.

El Cocco is sleeping with everyone's sister!

Favorite restaurant is Nacho's Nachos Paco's Tacos.

Trained in ninjitsu, martial arts, and Mexican wrestling, El Cocco's greatest weapons are his fists, and he eschews firearms and other weapons unless necessary. He also has a great leaping ability due to his tremendous calves.

He has been known to ally and assist the Revengerists for critical stealth missions and advice. He also gives them unwanted advice on their Podcast in the form of El Cocco's PSAs.


I'm cool wit' you. Propa.

El Cocco quotes:Edit

"El es not dirty, es mi hermano!"

"I don't need no stinking ."

"Madre de jehosephat!"

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