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Once upon a time, El Cocco attempted to teach kids how to do good deeds and not get into trouble. However, they were systematically thwarted by the efforts of The Revengerists!!!!


Fire, construction sites, drugs, rides with strangers, stealing, alcohol, sharing, being humble, helping other people, politeness, laziness, junk food, dead people, doing good deeds, creating disturbances, animals, science, respecting others, violence, thinking critically, swimming

Helping Other People[]

Old Lady[]

An old lady is trying to cross the street and no one is helping her. El Cocco swoops in to save the day and teach the kids nearby that they should try to help her, but Commodore Bob appears and places an "Old lady street crosser machine" at the intersection, telling people that we can just have machines do all the work. 

Dropped Briefcase[]

A business man is walking when suddenly a kid bumps into him and dumps all of his papers onto the sidewalk. El Cocco gives the kid a talking to, attempting to explain how it is nice to help those you've wronged, but Breshvic Teleports in to further aggravate the Business Man and kicks his papers all over the place.


Trash Fire[]

Some kids are about to burn trash in a very dry area, El Cocco comes to teach them about fire safey and fire codes when Southside Santa flies in and tells them how much fun it is to burn things. 

House Fire[]

The children at a house are playing with fire. Santa and Breshvic appear and tell the kids how to properly start a house fire and other methods of fire efficiency. El Cocco does not arrive in time

Thinking Critically[]

Snake Oil Salesman[]

A man is attempting to sell some phoney consumer goods to some kids and El Cocco arrives just in time to tell them to use their heads before making decisions. Dr Tasty comes by, buys the knockoff items and then blows up the market stand in a rage after realizing what he got was fake. 


Junk Food[]

Kids at the grocery store are about to spend all of their money on junk food when El Cocco stops by to tell them about how too much junk is bad for you and you should get an apple or something. Dr Tasty walks in the store, tells the kids about his unlimited appetite and how he's just fine, then eats all of the food in the store, making everyone sad. 



Commodore Bob and Der Kirche are presenting ways to create explosions, in the convenience of your home! El Cocco gets there just in time to see a family's house explode.


The Revengerists explain some concepts such as evolution and how the earth was populated by robots who planted people trees and then went away never to return.