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Thomas Bruso, a.k.a. Tom Slick,, a.k.a. Vietnam Tom; infamous in Oakland for his reputation of belligerence. Prior to the discovery of his identity, Anonymous had already dubbed him Epic Beard Man. Aside from being a local character, he was revealed on the internet to be an Awesome on Feb 16, 2010 in a video titled "AC TRANSIT BUS FIGHT I AM A MOTHERFUCKER" They stole his identification card.

also, he ain't prejudice.


He is a motherfucker.



He did tell you not to fuck with him.

EBM claims that the man he fought was wanted for murder, would be going to prison for 10 years for armed robbery, assault and battery, and possession of a knife while on parole.
He also alleges that his money and ID were stolen out of his bag, although the bag itself was returned to him three hours following the incident.

As for EBM’s recount of how the incident started, filling in gaps prior to the video, he claims that he had been talking to his white friend Bob, asking to borrow money to get some shoes to wear to his mother’s funeral on Wednesday. In the original video, he states that the funeral is on Friday.

EBM then claims that he had been telling Bob that he would have “my boy” shine his shoes. He also says that he would have “my brother” shine his shoes. EMB claims that he was using these terms generally, not meaning to denote a person of any specific race.

I was gettin’ real scared when he showed me that knife."

Then he claims that he had been sucker-punched in the jaw-bone three times, which is entirely inaccurate. He also claims to have beat the man “so bad and so pretty” that he was “knocked out for 22 and half minutes.”

It is apparent that EBM’s recount is less than reliable, and is likely suffering from some sort of mental illness.

One thing rings true: “Senior citizens will surprise you!”


Epic Beard Man Gets Tazered at Baseball Game

The near-invulnerability of an Epic Beard Man

In a video uploaded on August 5th, 2009 Thomas Bruso is repeatedly tased by police for being drunk and disorderly at an Oakland A’s baseball game. This video showcases his resilience, and nigh-invulnerability to attack.

it is not known at this time if he is a member of the Collective Order of the Beard, but it seems doubtful.