Eugene levy 3

likes to spank bums.

here are some fun facts about the super-villain Eugene Levy:

  • a wanna be Awesome, axtually is totally tame-ass karate, like all graffiti kids (vandalists), even Banxy.
  • things he is very funny but nobody ever laughs, only at how stupid he is whn he things he is so smart.
  • likes to spank bums. he seriously gets off on it and has been escorted off of many city buses because of lewd behaviour.
  • has a stupid bow-tie.
  • is filed with a ham

  • has no power, unless ANNOYANCE can is considered a super power. that was just sarcasm, it really's isn't.
  • can be pushed down stairs.
  • doe'snt know any thing.
  • is allergic to dairy, like all lame beings can.
  • is WANTED by the authorie to be executed for his lame crimes. is WANTED by no women ever.
  • smells bad like old stale pee and wine.
  • nobody is really sure if he is from the house of lords.
  • will some day be eaten by cannibals, his short ribs decried as dry and tastless.
  • show sup late to formal functions lookin all raggedy-ass like he slep in his suit or somethin.
  • ever one always called him four eyes. this led him to want to be evil (along with a bunch of other things as well) but his evil is so miniscule and mildly irksome that evil organizations don't ever aknowlidge him.
  • re-uses the same old jokes and doesn't even make sense as to itself why he some times when he does them why.
  • can't spell or do gramer.


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