The Expanded Omniverse , not to be confused with the Regular Omniverse cannot currently be seen or sensed by most people, containing many strange creatures and treasures, both humanoid and completely alien, contrains the power and ability to amaze and destroy your eye-balls in such a way that it eats down the optic nerve, through the petuitary gland and into your spinal column causing all of your synapses to explode in chaotic extasy as your oneness joins that of the universe and the universe enters into perfect harmonic union with your pathetic and frail form.  It is exactly 450 thousand times the size of the known universe, and best described as a non-euclidean ferrofluid suspended in a mesh-warp hyperstasis, the pressure of which holds our universe together.

It is the origin of almost all of the Outsourced Awesomes you have become tangentially aware of.

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