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FUTURE TALES (with capitalization) was a Revengerists series that dealt exclusivly with possible future outcomes of the many different decisions that effected the choices they made in their many adventures and the alternate parallel lines that could come to pass. They were punlished sporadicaly, and usually are not regarded as cannon , even when explicitly stated that they are, because they so often contradick the story that is still going on. Often whatever event it was that changed the timeline is never mentioned or explaned.

An good example is when Breshvic and Dark Girl have a baby who goes on to become evil and the most powerful character int he Revengerists' Universe, Apatomox, when it was already a serious sticking point in their relationship that Dark Girl cannot have children because her Dark Vag will suck anything that goes into it into a void. THis is good for sex penis but for babies well it aborts them. This is really a minor paradox but I feel it is worth mentioning because seriously they made it a long drawnout dramatic subplot with lots of callbacks. Breshvic once said to her he said "How can I ever love you? You can't even have BABIES!" well it was written better but something like that.

A bad example of this is the FUTURE TALES story where Dr Tasty is a kangaroo. This could have been easily explaned as 'he was magically transformed because he felt like it' or 'this was the next phase of his alien life cycle' or something. But they made a point to say that he had always been a kangaroo, even though this is obviously not the case, just look at EVERY OTHER REVENGERISTS ISSUE people!

Even still, lots of people like FUTURE TALES because they are fun and imaginitive and take us places we might never go before which is why I like the Revengerists in the first place. In conclusion, FUTURE TALES isn't bad but enjoyable just don't take it too seriously.

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